When your condom breaks or slips off during intercourse. Try to stay calm and cease instantly, by carefully pulling the penis. You might have to search for the broken condom. Is it still on the penis, or has it disappeared inside you?

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5 Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Condom Breaks

5 Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Condom Breaks

1. Act Super Fast

Time isn’t on your side. There are a couple of intriguing factors in play which impacts the quantity of time you need to work with. To begin with, unless you have been examined, you likely don’t know whether you’re ovulating. If you’re, this usually means you’ve got an egg attempting to join with sperm to make a baby. However, even when you’re not, semen may reside in the human body for days, waiting for the egg. Creepy, right? Emergency contraception may do the job around 120 hours following the condom breaks, however, the earlier you require it, the more successful it is. Thus go, Speed Racer, go!

2. Check The Birth Control

In case you are taking hormonal birth control, you may be all set. There is a lot of brands which you could use as emergency contraception. Check this chart, which lists the kinds of oral contraceptives which can be utilised in a crisis. Follow the instructions, which generally contain taking a particular number of pills, and then taking another dose 12 hours after.

3. Go To The Pharmacy Or Buying Online

In case you don’t possess some birth control pills available, you will have to receive your hands on several emergency contraceptives. Fortunately for you, they’re actually an over-the-counter alternative. It’s possible to buy Plan B in Amazon, request emergency contraception in your drugstore counter, or consult with a website like afterpill.com. While purchasing the morning-after pill on the internet is convenient, do not forget you need to variable shipping time in your choice.

4. Get To Planned Parenthood

This site can allow you to locate the closest Planned Parenthood clinic. From time to time, pharmacies do not maintain emergency contraceptives in stock, however PP pretty much constantly has it available. If you’d like a longer-lasting alternative, then you might get an IUD put in, that functions to reduce pregnancy for three to ten years, based on the kind.

Typically, when you get emergency contraception, you simply take a couple of doses, and you are all set. Even though it can be costly (generally approximately $40) it ought to be covered by your own insurance. When it is not, a few Planned Parenthood clinics and health departments provide fees on a sliding scale.

5. Get Tested

Approximately two weeks following the episode, it is possible to have a pregnancy test in case you have not gotten your time. Besides your maternity test, you need to think about that an STD test. A broken condom signifies exposure to sperm, and that could increase your risk. Better safe than sorry.

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How to prevent that a condom breaks

How to prevent that a condom breaks

Condoms are a really effective form of contraception provided that they’re used properly. However they could respond to certain matters that might make them weaker and more likely to split or break. Ensure you shop condoms away from light or heat. Never open the package with whatever sharp, and this also involves opening it with your teeth. The smallest hole in the condom raises the danger of pregnancy and contracting an STI.

To use a condom correctly and help to prevent a chance of it breaking:

  • Open the foil package closely with your fingers
  • Hold the tip lightly between your forefinger and thumb (making sure that you are employing it the perfect way round and that no air becomes trapped, which may make it split)
  • Put the condom on the penis tip
  • Maintain squeezing the conclusion of the condom and then roll it down over the period of the penis, directly to the bottom.
  • Be certain that you are using the ideal dimensions and the condom matches – that can make it less probable it breaks.

Condoms do not last forever – be certain that you check the expiration date prior to usage because they may weaken over time.