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01. Who is Aria Giovanni?

Born in 1977 as Candy Rene Preto, Aria Giovanni is one of our favourite adult film stars and we know a lot of our readers are huge fans of her. Not only has she starred in erotic films, but is also known for artistic nude art, pinup modelling, fetish and glamour shoots.


She has a troubled childhood and teen years, with marriage at just 16 that only lasted a few months and issues with alcohol and drug addiction. Thankfully, her family stepped in and she spent some time in a private rehabilitation clinic. Deemed the ‘shy’ girl at school, she a self-confessed ‘ugly duckling’ and classmates deemed it unlikely she would make money from her look.


Like many adult film stars, she began her career with conventional modelling in 1999. Within 6 months, she was Penthouse Magazine’s Pet of the Month and her career skyrocketed.


She has also been in Playboy’s 2007 calendar and was hailed by Complex Magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful stars of all time. Her porn films have been praised by many and are deemed as some of the most enjoyable for female audiences.


She has since starred in numerous television shows and films as a professional actress, both adult and otherwise. While she hasn’t starred in adult films in many years, her acting career continues to grow.


As of 2021, she is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million. She is proof that even a difficult start in life can be turned around into a successful career that encapsulates something we enjoy. 


She stated in an interview that what she loved most about her career was the freedom to be her own boss and making decisions for herself. It wasn’t just about having photos taken, she created her own brand and therefore, a business.

02. Are sex toys safe?

Yes! Sex toys are perfectly safe as long as they are used and cared for correctly. Only ever use your sex toys for their intended purpose and make sure all instructions and health and safety guidelines are read and understood before play. 


Caring for your sex toys isn’t just key to keeping them lasting longer than you can! Cleaning your sex toys regularly is crucial, especially if being used on multiple people. Sexually transmitted infections can be passed via shared sex toys.


If you have multiple sexual partners, it is recommended to not share sex toys among them, especially if your kink involves drawing blood. Unless you follow a vigorous sterilisation process between them.


Always check what your sex toy is made out of before hitting the buy button. While perfectly safe for most, some of our favourite play items can be made of latex or other materials that could cause an allergic reaction.


Lastly, make sure you are buying from a reputable brand or website. Knock-off, cheaper alternatives may seem like a great way to save cash but if they have not been properly designed or made out of the best materials, your night of passion could lead to a night of pain-and, not the good kind!

03. How do you choose sex toys?

If you are new to sex toys or a certain kink, the huge array available both on and offline can seem a bit daunting. 


If you are buying in-store, it may seem daunting. However, we have yet to meet a shop worker who isn’t keen to share their knowledge and passion and don’t feel embarrassed about anything, they have seen, heard and probably experienced it all before. After all, that’s why they work there!


When it comes to buying online, this can be trickier. So follow these steps to make the right choice for you. That’s why we have done the hard part for you and created our guides to make sure you have an easier shopping experience.


First things first, what do you want this toy for? Pleasure by yourself, being pleasured by a partner or for pleasuring a partner? Personal preference needs to come into this first. If buying for someone else, don’t assume they’ll like a certain sex toy if they have never expressed an interest in it.


If you are buying for yourself, this makes things a lot easier. If you are not used to sex toys, start small. Very few people will have a good experience starting with the largest dildo on the market if they’ve never even used a bullet vibrator before.


The same comes to outfits and fantasy dress up. You may love the idea of a full latex suit, but if you and your partner have never done anything like this before, it may seem a bit intimidating. Starting with a latex lingerie set may be the best bet. 

04. How do you clean sex toys?

One of the most important things to think about when owning sex toys. After all, they do get covered in all kinds of things! Aside from preventing infections and STDs, cleaning your sex toys keeps them looking and smelling fresh and ensuring they don’t kill the mood when they are brought out to play. 


You can conduct a basic surface clean in between uses. Determine the toy’s water safety rating, this should be with the instructions. 


If the toy doesn’t contain any electrical components it is likely to be safe to submerge in water. You can then clean them with a cloth and PH balanced soap or detergent. Ensure they are rinsed thoroughly and dried before using again.


Battery operated toys should have their batteries removed before cleaning. Using a damp cloth, clean your sex toy using a detergent and gentle rinse and dry.


A highly recommended method of cleaning is full sterilisation. This can be done in a few ways. 


Firstly, you can boil your toys in hot water in a pan, most non-electrical toys can withstand this, but check the manufacturer’s guidelines as some plastics could melt. The same can be achieved in the dishwasher, we just recommend you do a separate cycle for your toys.


For toys that can’t get too wet, you can bleach them after surface cleaning. Use ⅓ for every gallon of water and wipe across your toy. Make sure you rinse this off with a damp cloth before allowing it to dry.

05. Who invented sex toys?

Sex toys date back thousands of years. The oldest sex toy discovered was estimated to be 28,0000 years old!


Over the centuries, sex toys have been found to be made of anything from wood and stone to dried camel dung, unripe bananas and animal bone.


Many of these were sold as sexual aids for women while their husbands were away, to achieve orgasm and reduce the chance of these women committing adultery.


In Renaissance Italy, dildos made of leather were sold with olive oil as lube, you couldn’t get more Italian than that!


The UK didn’t see their first commercially made dildo until the 1500s.


The first appearance of what would evolve into the modern vibrator was in the 18th Century, it was a wind-up handheld contraption. There was even a steam powder vibrator in 1869.


It’s actually difficult to pinpoint exactly when sex toys were first invented, The early dildos discovered have also been theorised to be more of a religious symbol to ward off evil spirits and the first vibrators were actually used to treat hysteria.


So while their intended purpose may not have been for sexual pleasure, we are sure there are people out there who were using these items for just that! 


06. Where can you buy sex toys?

Right here at Daily Sex Toys! While we don’t sell directly to our readers, we provide the best and most up-to-date impartial reviews of the top sex toys.


We then provide you with the link directly to purchase these, removing the hassle for our readers and making sure everyone achieves the most pleasure. We take products from a range of sites, from LoveHoney to Amazon.


This gives you a choice at all budgets and experience levels. 


Buying online gives you the most options, while also remaining discrete. While shopping in-store can be a fun experience, it isn’t for everybody. However, you do lose out on that expert knowledge of the sales teams.


That’s why we consider ourselves one of the leading sex toy review sites, with honest reviews for every kind of kink, budget and pleasure aim. 


Whether you are looking for something to aid during masturbation or are planning the most thrilling of orgies, we’ve got you covered with the latest products to help you and your sexual partners on your way.