Product Review Process

Based On Our Research

All the comparison guides written on our site are from our product experts. These experts take their time to research and analyse every product to provide unbiased reviews and independent analysis. Product specifications are provided and confirmed by the seller or manufacturer. 

Our writers consistently aspire to provide our readers with the most up-to-date information on the latest and most popular products on the market. Product selection is taken from what is the best available on the market at the time of writing.

We want our readers to have the most accurate information possible. On occasion, we will provide external links or videos so buyers can make an informed choice from multiple sources.

Our Process

We understand the hassle of trying to find a trustworthy, reliable and honest source for online purchases can be difficult. Not being able to handle the product before purchase, buyers could potentially end up with a product that isn’t what they wanted.

We are devoted to making sure our readers have the most pleasure and exciting experiences with their partner, themselves or whoever they choose. With our information, we aim to provide accurate, honest and current reviews.

We know everyone has different tastes in the bedroom, but also different budgets alongside varying levels of confidence. We take this into consideration and write our product reviews with these factors in mind.

Honesty Above All

We are not affiliated with any of the suppliers or manufacturers featured on our site. We do link to e-commerce stores and may gain commission from a sale of a product we have featured.

However, every article is written with honest opinion and with cross-referenced research, allowing our readers to have a candid view of these products.

How We Select Our Products

Every product featured on our site has been carefully selected as the best one available within that category at the time of publishing. Our writers will often make this selection based on real consumer product reviews.

We use product landing pages created by suppliers, such as Amazon, which can lead to an affiliate relationship. We never allow this relationship to impact our choices and views.