Can not stop thinking about sex? In case your sexual urges are all you think about, it may be somewhat distracting. It can sometimes feel as if we are living in a society which focuses entirely on gender.

Sex drive varies enormously among different individuals and changes within the course of a life. So it is reasonable to question your libido and also wonder if your sexual drive is above average, particularly if your needs aren’t being fulfilled.

What causes a high sex drive?

While improved sexual appetite is for young people experiencing hormonal imbalances, if you’re elderly, a range of different elements can affect your libido. A high libido may be an indication of something medical — possibly a state or the medication that you require. This may incorporate the outcomes of Parkinson’s medicine, a few brain injuries, mania, hormonal imbalance and an overactive thyroid gland. Should you encounter an unexplained change on your libido, it is sensible to get checked out by your physician.

What causes a high sex drive

Other potential emotional and social causes may include:

  • Grief.
  • Unresolved trauma – sexual or otherwise.
  • A lack of fulfilment and/or control over one’s life.
  • Stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Distorted beliefs around love, sex and intimacy.
  • Shame surrounding one’s sexual preferences, experiences or body image.
  • An inability to properly process one’s emotions.
  • An all or nothing approach to life which can make downtime or boredom hard to cope with.
  • A lack of self-esteem and/or social anxiety.
  • Feeling stuck in relationship with someone who wants to have less sex.

When is a high sex drive a problem?

A gender high generally is not an issue if you don’t feel frustrated with your sexual urges or ideas. In case you’ve got a high libido and are using the gratifying sex you crave, then you may be entirely delighted with that!

However, You may struggle to Your high libido should you experience any of these:

  • You are not able to achieve satisfaction, no matter how much sex or masturbation you have.
  • You have sore genitals from excessive sex or masturbation.
  • You are troubled or shamed by persistent fantasises.
  • You are not able to get the amount or type of sex you desire.
  • You feel bad that your pursuit of sexual satisfaction prevents you from having a relationship.
  • You regularly sacrifice work, social or sleep time for your sexual exploits.
  • You habitually seek out unsatisfactory or risky sexual exploits.

An out of control novelty may also be difficult for all those around you. You might believe that you are right. However, your boss, your spouse or your mates may fear that you’re spending too much time in the pursuit or gender. Either these people do not know you, or you’re in denial regarding your problematic relationship with gender.

14 Things That Can Decrease Libido

1. Low Testosterone Levels

Low testosterone levels in both women and men can promote a very low libido. You can examine your degrees by meeting a doctor, and it is also possible to attempt a high-intensity exercise course and strength training to raise naturally.

2. Lack Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps boost testosterone levels and provide the body with the necessary resources for a positive libido. Advising that people get sufficient vitamin D every day. Fantastic sources include eggs, fish (the yolk, contained ), fortified milk, and lean meat. If you do not enjoy these foods, then you can take a nutritional supplement.

3. Anti-Depressants

Anti-depressants may affect your sexual drive in compromising manners. If you notice these unwanted effects, express your concern to your physician and see if another medicine may be better for you.

4. Deficiency In Selenium

Using a low nutrient amount of selenium may also play a role in lowering your libido. As it could be challenging to have your fill, start looking for wealthier sources and consume in tiny quantities. For example, Brazil nuts are high in selenium, but you should only consume about 3 or so each day.

5. Deficiency in Vitamin A

Low levels of vitamin A may cause a reduction in sexual drive. Low vitamin A intake will cause less testosterone production within the human body, and this will negatively affect sex hormones and endurance. Eat rainbow coloured fruits and veggies to receive your fill.

6. Resentment Towards Your S.O.

No girl wants to have sex with a guy who makes her feel bitter or angry. It may be bitterness about housework or communication or cash, but it could have the unintended impact of neutralising her fascination with her spouse.

7. Drinking Too Much

If you are drinking too much alcohol regularly, it may be messing with your sexual appetite and taking some time away in the bedroom, then advises Grimmer. Grimmer recommends placing down the second glass of wine and picking for water instead.

8. Feeling Inadequate To Your Partner

Feeling Inadequate To Your Partner

Some of the significant contributors to diminished sex drive is feelings of inadequacy. If you do not feel like you step up, work on such confidence and understand that you do (or your spouse would not be with you).

9. Your Age

The middle age and menopause can result in a change in hormones associated with sex drive. It is normal to experience diminished libido, as your own body is undergoing many changes. Attempt to spice up your connection hit the gym, or try something fresh to amp up things again.

10. Birth Control

Becoming on birth control may reduce libido, as testosterone levels tend to be lower than usual. If you are on the pill and you are experiencing a decrease in desire and arousal, think about checking with your gynaecologist for choices in pill doses or brands which will not cause the identical effect.

11. Sleep Apnea

Seemingly, snoring at night does not just disturb your S.O. (or acquaintances, even), but it also may promote a decrease in libido. If you know, you’ve got sleep apnea, or your roommate or spouse claims that you often snore through the nighttime, it may be smart to request a doctor for advice on the sleeping disorder.

12. Dehydration

If you are not drinking sufficient water at daily and your body is dried, it might negatively affect your libido. To boost your amounts, remind yourself (possibly by setting the alarm on your telephone ) to consume a glass of water every hour or so. You’re indeed urine more, but it is going to be worth it afterwards.

13. Stress & High Cortisol

If you are worried AF on the job and you are always on your mobile phone, it may interfere with your ability to unwind and get in the mood. Having higher cortisol levels also throw your body off balance and maintain sex drive low. Figure out methods to prohibit stress, like through yoga or exercise.

14. Low Cortisol

Yes, there is certainly a happy medium to cortisol levels and endurance. While getting excess cortisol and anxiety can make you sexual, so can having too low cortisol levels and also being overly tired to move inside the sheets. Try a workout course, put on some dance songs, or excite your brain to improve energy. Additionally, be sure that you get enough sleep every night to help keep the body balanced and cortisol levels secure.

If you notice any of these signs or contributors widespread in the way you live, consider talking with a doctor for different techniques and therapy. Additionally, keep things interesting. Jazz up the bedroom and conquer boredom.


If you are experiencing a dry spell, then do not worry: there may be a reason behind this that is easy to fix. If you do not feel as enticed or sensual for a little while, it might be attributed to surprising facets which are diminishing your libido and causing you to spend time between the sheets along with your S.O.

Not only does this hinder a present or possible, future connection in the future, but it could also take some excellent facets of life which need to be enjoyable.