Safe sex and unwanted pregnancy would be both major causes of why women and men use condoms. When picking one out on your own, it is important to find the ideal kind. Each of the eight variables mentioned below must be considered if you are genuinely worried about being protected sex and preventing unwanted pregnancy in addition to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

1. The Condom Sizes

The Condom Sizes

It is only logical to believe that almost any size of condom will provide a correct match because of the reflective nature of this substance. But at precisely the identical time, not everything that stretches will match everybody in an identical way.

Not a lot of men and women understand that, but when the condom is still too modest in size to your manhood, the chances of it breaking through intercourse are rather significant. And why would you believe is? It is because they extend beyond the tolerable potential. On the other hand, a condom that is too large might slide or fall off. And this kind of accident may open the door to unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The best objective of this best condom would be to avoid semen from penetrating the trap. So what is the purpose of wearing a condom when it is going to either break or come off!

When you have just started using condoms, the very best advice I can offer would be to elect for regular or normal size. Following the initial one, then you can find a larger or smaller size based on what you need.

Condom manufacturing companies also offer you a size chart which you are able to refer to for dimension. So there is no need to go into the shop and purchase anything you visit first. Buying a huge package or box of ill-fitted condoms also looks like a waste of cash. But if you choose the ideal dimensions, you will not only be saving money but condoms also.

Just keep in mind you need to take variables like security and efficacy into consideration too. And not only relaxation.

So here is the appropriate breakdown of the different dimensions of condoms:

  • Small – 1.75 inches (width) x 6.3 inches (length)
  • Regular – 2.0 inches (width) x 7.9 inches (length)
  • Large – 2.12 inches (width) x 7.9 inches (length)
  • Extra-Large – 2.25 inches (width) x 8.1 inches (length)

As for comfort, it is the condom’s head dimensions that offer the benefit. And also the main reason why head size is significant is because the penis’s head area (esp. The bottom ) gets the largest number of nerves. And you need to be aware that head sizes fluctuate considerably. In the long run, it is all dependent on the manner of the condom as well as the brand you select.

Many producers offer a balloon-like shape to the suggestion, which provides maximum head mobility. To the contrary, some manufacturers produce condoms using a tighter and much more compact fitting. In actuality, a couple of condoms include extra depth. And this type of quality goes a very long way in creating the condom more pliable.

Condoms are the only type of contraception that can both prevent pregnancy and protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) –

2. Measuring The Penis

Measuring The Penis

To be able to understand what condom is greatest, you will have to measure your penis. It’s possible to use a ruler or measuring tape. To acquire the ideal size, measure your penis while it’s vertical. Should you measure your penis as it is flaccid, you will just get dimensions during its minimal size. This usually means that you may wind up purchasing a condom bigger than you really want.

You will have to understand your length, width, and girth so as to understand the perfect condom match. Do not forget your girth is the space around your penis. Your breadth is the own diameter. You need to measure your penis twice to be certain you have the ideal numbers.

To measure your penis, follow the steps below:

For length:

  • Put either a ruler or measuring tape at the base of the erect penis.
  • Press the ruler to the pubic bone so far as possible. Fat can occasionally hide your penis’ true length.
  • Measure your erect penis from the bottom to the end of the tip.

For girth:

  • Use a piece of string or elastic measuring tape.
  • Gently wrap the tape or string round the thickest part of your penis’ shaft.
  • When using string, mark where the string meets and gauge the string space using a ruler.
  • When employing a flexible measuring tape, then simply indicate the dimension when it reaches round your penis.

For width:

  • It’s possible to learn the width of the penis exactly the identical way that you’d establish the diameter of a circle. To do so, divide your diameter dimension by 3.14. The resulting number is the width.

3. Choose Your Condom Materials

Choose Your Condom Materials

Condoms also come in various materials. Many condoms are made out of latex, but some manufacturers offer you non-latex condoms options for individuals with allergies or that are searching for variety.

These materials include:

  • Polyurethane. Condoms made from polyurethane, a sort of plastic, would be definitely the most popular choice to latex condoms. Polyurethane is thinner than latex and also is much far better at conducting heat.
  • Polyisoprene. Polyisoprene is your cupboard material nearest to latex, however, it also lacks the compounds which can lead to an allergic response. It is thicker than polyurethane, however, it seems tender and not as like rubber. Polyisoprene condoms have a tendency to extend over polyurethane condoms.
  • Lambskin. Lambskin is just one of the oldest condom substances. It is created from the cecum, a membrane in a sheep’s intestines. It is lean, durable, completely biodegradable, and will conduct heat well. But unlike other condoms, lambskin condoms do not protect against STIs.

Check the components list to make certain the condom does not include other common allergens and irritants. What you need to be seeing are dyes, perfumes, and nonoxynol-9–that is a chemical used in spermicide.

4. Choose The Condom Style: External Or Internal?


There are two types of condom: external condoms and internal condoms. Deciding between those is the base of your condom encounter. They are alike in several ways: availability, cost, and efficacy during pregnancy and STI coverage. Your choice between both of these options is dependent upon who’ll be sporting the condom.

When people talk about condoms, then they are usually referring to this outside condom. Topical condoms protect the face of penetrative items, like a penis or a sex toy. They are available in many types, which makes them flexible choices for sexual situations.

Internal condoms are supposed to be set within a vaginal canal or anus to offer you a barrier of protection through sex. Although insertion may take some getting used to, they may likewise be convenient, because the internal condom can be inserted up to eight hours prior sexual activity, therefore there is no need to pause go receive your condom.

5. Dress It Up: Accessorize And Experiment With Condom Styles

Much like when you are in a frozen yogurt bar, external condoms enable you to personalize your choice. It’s possible to add lube, ribbing, colours, or any temperature-play from the shape of warming or cooling condoms. They are sometimes flavored, which is enjoyable for either oral play, or even something a bit quirkier, like glow-in-the-dark. What exactly are you really in the mood for?

Something to remember is that even in the event that you go for a lubricated condom, it would be smart to get some lube convenient: Many folks feel aggravation or in the friction of condoms, therefore lube helps keep things comfy and pleasure-filled!

Overall, consider what you like, and constantly ask your mates what they enjoy too to make certain everyone has a nice experience. And check the expiry dates of condoms and be certain they have not been exposed, used, or subjected to plenty of friction or heat, so as to decrease the chance of breaks and tears.

Happy hunting!