Meet Chris Anderson



There’s a bad reputation with men and toys in the bedroom. Far too often men believe that using anything ‘extra’ when having sex is a sign of poor performance. Guys, I am here to put a stop to that belief.

Firstly, we aren’t all natural-born performers in the bedroom. I think we can all agree that our first time was a disaster. This doesn’t mean we and our partners shouldn’t have a great time.


Secondly, even the best sex can get stale after a while if you are changing things up. Investing in new things ignites passion again. From basic items like dildos and lube, to BDSM and sex dolls, I write to tell men how to get the most pleasure for themselves and their sexual partners.


Sex toys are an extension of what we already do, they aren’t here to replace men and women, but here to enhance our experiences.


No longer should supplements and toys be a taboo subject and a hidden accessory of the embarrassed. Gents, it’s time to embrace our fetishes, no matter what they may be, and keep things exciting. 


When writing my articles, I like to take into consideration that we are all at different stages of sexual experiences, some of us may not blink at the sight of a buttplug, while others can feel intimidated by a pair of handcuffs. 


It’s all about confidence and knowing what’s what before we dive in. Writing for Near International not only lets me pass on my own experiences but also discover new fantasies from the community. 


Whether you are choosing your very first toy or adding to a large collection, the choice needs to be the right one. Our bodies are different and so are our preferences, that’s why I take the time to really discover what’s what and how it works, so you can feel confident in your own choices.