Launched in 2018, Daily Sex Toys is a digital guide to everything sex

Sex isn’t spoken enough and, as a result, trying to identify the right types of products to improve your sex life can be challenging. It’s hard to get third-party reviews from your friends without at least partially making them feel a little uncomfortable. It’s even harder to get good, sound information on best practices across the web without your search history looking a little suspect. At Daily Sex Toys, we provide hundreds of educational reviews and tips that aim to improve your sex life. We’re not all built the same, and we don’t all like the same things, so it’s important that you choose carefully when shopping around.
Our fantastic team of experts shift through thousands of products, reviews and opinions regularly, as well as leveraging their own experiences with sex, to identify the very best features, of the best products and pull it all together into a helpful review guide.

These buyer guides provide a comfortable, informal, conversational opinion about the very best products and what makes them so great

This can be anything from recommended dildo’s and vibrators, sex furniture, toys & games, bondage, sexy outfits and sexual wellness.
With our expert opinions pulled into easy-to-follow guides about the very best sex toys on the web, we hope that you can make more informed choices that enable a more fuller and passionate sex life.


Courtney Johnson

Senior Editor

I’m a firm believer that sex should never be boring, and that as humans, we should constantly strive for sex that is both passionate and fulfilling. To do this, I have to be honest and open with my own sex life. I try not to leave anything to the imagination with my product reviews, some of which I’ve tried first hand and others I lean on the recommendations of others. I love writing about sex and love uncovering toys that can bring enjoyment to others. Say no to boring sex!

Chris Anderson


As a male, being open about your sex life can be a little challenging. I’ve always found peers to find it an admission of poor sexual performance if toys are required. But I’m here to change those perceptions. Sex toys are there to enhance our sex life, and add variety to the bedroom. The taboo of men talking about sex toys should be a thing of the past, and I hope my reviews can help more men enhance their sexual experiences.