A spermicide is a chemical which kills sperm. Spermicides can be found as jelly, foam, cream, suppositories, and film. The active part of the majority of spermicides is a chemical called nonoxynol-9.

What is spermicidal lube and How does it work?

Spermicide is a chemical which you place deep in the vagina right before intercourse. It prevents pregnancy two ways: blocking the entry to the cervix so that sperm can not get into an egg and preventing sperm from going well enough to float into an egg.

Spermicide may be used alone, or along with additional birth control processes. Employing spermicide and also a condom provides you with additional protection against pregnancy (bonus: condoms prevent STDs, too).

And you want to use spermicide together with diaphragms and cervical caps in order for them to do the job.

Interesting fact: the origin word “cide” in”spermicide” means”to kill.” Spermicide does not really “kill” sperm, but it slows down it so that it can not achieve an egg.

Is spermicidal lubricant effective?

Spermicide alone is still among the very best forms of contraception. They are considerably more successful when combined with a different sort of contraceptives like a condom, diaphragm, or cervical cap.

If women use spermicide each time they have sexual intercourse and follow directions perfectly every moment, it’s 82% successful. This usually means that if 100 women use spermicide constantly and constantly use it properly, 18 women will get pregnant in a year.

If women use spermicide, but not absolutely, it’s just 72% successful. This usually means that if 100 women use spermicide, 28 women or longer will become pregnant in a year.

How do you use a spermicide?

How do you use a spermicide

Because there are lots of kinds of spermicides, you are going to have to follow the instructions on the product package. Most spermicides need that you:

  • Add the spermicide deep into your vagina before sex
  • Wait 10-15 minutes once you add spermicide into your vagina before having intercourse
  • Add spermicide no longer than 30-60 minutes prior to having sex

The effectiveness of the spermicide generally lasts about one hour, and so you’ll have to add more spermicide if you’re experiencing sexual intercourse for at least one hour. Every time you have sexual intercourse, you need to add more spermicide in your vagina.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Spermicide

Spermicides used alone don’t protect against STIs, such as infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). You have to use a condom to find the very best potential STI protection.

Many spermicides have a compound called nonoxynol-9 (N9). Even the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that N9 in vaginal contraceptives along with spermicides can irritate the lining of the vagina or rectum. This might boost the possibility of growing HIV/AIDS in the infected partner.

Advantages of spermicides

  • They don’t impact future fertility for either the woman or the man.
  • They’re used only in the right time of sexual intercourse.
  • They’re safe to use while breastfeeding (birth control which comprises estrogen influences milk source ).
  • They are less costly than hormonal methods of birth control.
  • They’re safe for women who have additional health issues (birth control which comprises estrogen makes several health problems worse).

Disadvantages of spermicides

Failure rates for barrier methods are higher than for many other procedures of birth control. Other pitfalls include the following:

  • Spermicides lead to an excess release in the vagina. Girls using spermicides shouldn’t douche for at least 8 hours following intercourse so the spermicide proceeds to work to avoid pregnancy. (Douching isn’t advised for women generally.)
  • Some individuals are allergic to nonoxynol-9, the active ingredient in most spermicides. They could create sores or itching in the vagina or around the penis, making it even more probable that HIV may be passed from an infected individual during intercourse.
  • The nonoxynol-9 from spermicides can also raise the potential of growing HIV/AIDS in the infected partner.
    Some people are hesitant to use spermicide along with a barrier approach or fear it might disrupt foreplay or sex. This may cause a problem with using it each time they have sex.

Characteristics and Uses of Spermicidal Lube Condoms

If you are at high risk of pregnancy and also a very low risk of STDs, spermicidal lubricated condoms might nevertheless be a fair choice. To Assist You to determine, info regarding condoms with spermicidal lubricant is provided under:

  • Price: Average. Spermicidal-lubricated condoms do not be more expensive than other condoms.
  • Ease of Acquisition: Condoms with spermicidal lube can be found at all drug stores and Internet
  • Utilization During Vaginal Intercourse: The only period in which condoms with spermicidal lubricant may be regarded as an edge over other condoms would be really for monogamous heterosexual couples that are more worried about pregnancy compared to STDs. Otherwise, there is not any reason to pick condoms with spermicidal lube over condoms using non-spermicidal lube. For the matter, there is also no advantage over using unlubricated condoms along with your favourite lubricant.
  • Utilization Throughout Oral Sex: Condoms with a spermicidal lubricant are especially awful for oral intercourse. Nonoxynol-9 not just will create your tongue go numb, but additionally, it tastes horrible.
  • Utilization During Anal Sex: Nonoxynol-9 can lead to damage to the rectal lining which may increase the probability of transmitting HIV or another disease. Condoms without N-9 are likely a much better idea for anal sex.