18 Benefit and Harm of Oral Sex

Oral sex is one of the most intimate and private acts a couple can enjoy—which may be why there are so much mystery and misinformation surrounding oral sex.

And while indulging in this once-taboo sexual activity (it used to be a punishable offense in some states, amazingly) can be a healthy part of any romantic relationship, there are some things to keep in mind.

Perform oral sex, and you will be in a win-win situation. Firstly your guy will be amazingly happy, and secondly, you will be perfectly healthy.

12 Amazing Benefits Of Oral Sex

1. Anti-aging

Are you sick of using the anti-aging creams? Is the glow of your face slowly turning to wrinkles? Well, if the answers are a yes, then please your man with oral sex, and you will start noticing the difference in your face.

Sperm has a chemical known as Spermidine, which helps your cells to age at a slower rate. You do not need to coat it on your face but take it in. This will help you a lot more than any other anti-aging cream available in the market.

2. Healthy Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, the urge to indulge in sex increases, but it is quite unadvisable as the health of both the mother and the baby can be affected. When a man ejaculates inside the vagina of a pregnant woman, there are many chances of catching infections that are harmful to the body.

Healthy Pregnancy

So, the best way to satisfy each other and maintain the closeness during pregnancy is by performing oral sex as it does not affect the health of anyone.

3. Control blood pressure

Sperm helps in controlling the blood pressure in a woman’s body. It also plays a vital role in assisting ladies from developing preeclampsia (blood pressure problem during pregnancy). In short, whenever you feel that your body is entirely heated up and you wanted to relax, the best way is to indulge in oral sex.

4. Reduces the risk of Breast cancer

Breast cancer is becoming very common in women after the age of 40. Another very crucial benefit of oral sex is that it lowers the risk of breast cancer in a lady.

It has been proved that women who indulge in oral sexual activities at least two times a week are at a comparatively lower risk of having breast cancer in later life. The semen has got the chemicals that prevent the growth of this type of cancer.

5. It can lead to amazing orgasms

You probably already know this, and science backs it up. In one study, nearly 70% of women described receiving oral as “very pleasurable.” This could be because of the direct clitoral stimulation verbal offers.

A third of women said that they need this kind of touching to reach climax, according to research published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy.

6. Stress buster

It has been proved that women who are exposed to semen are less likely to get into depression. Yes, practicing oral sex can make you a lively and happier.

The sperm contains chemicals like cortisol, estrogen and oxytocin that are known to be the best anti-depressants. So, the next time you are feeling low, the best way to enhance your mood is by indulging in oral sex.

7. Helps to relieve pain

Semen contains oxytocin and endorphins that act as the pain killers. Oral sex can help you relieve pain with the nutrients present in a man’s sperm. Well, a man’s sperm is something miraculous, so, the next time you have a body-ache, treat your man with oral sex, and you will notice your pain going away!

8. Improves your memory

Improves your memory

The memory problem is the most common thing in today’s generation. We seem to forget things very quickly. So, if you want your mind to be strong and healthy, the easiest way to do this is by performing oral sex on your man. Yes, the semen has got all the nutrients that are needed by your mind to work at a healthy pace.

9. Oral sex may help couples feel more connected

Some couples say that performing oral sex on each other helps them feel closer. But research suggests that people often engage in oral sex even if they don’t like it, especially women. That Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality study, for example, also found that men were significantly more likely than women (52% versus 28%) to report that giving oral sex was “very pleasurable.”

Giving and receiving oral sex can strengthen individual relationships, but it can also put pressure on others and make them feel like they need to do this to make their partner happy.

10. Helps morning sickness during pregnancy

This is the most relaxing benefit of indulging in oral sex. If you are pregnant and you are having extreme nausea, the best way to stop it is by taking some of your man’s semen. Yes, semen has nutrients that help in curbing the morning sickness during pregnancy. It has been proved that the qualities of the sperm mix with the hormones, giving them a balance, and assisting the woman in with nausea.

11. Helps your man from prostate cancer

Enough of health benefits for all you women out there, oral sex can benefit your man too. Yes, the more the man ejaculates in his life, the less are the chances of him developing prostate cancer! So, please your man to oral sex frequently, if you want to avail all the health benefits listed above.

12. Induces sleep

Are you feeling a lack of sleep lately? Do you plan to pop in some sleeping pills for a sound sleep? Well, if yes, then leave the sleeping pills and pop in some of your man’s semen. It will work wonders, and you will have a perfect night sleep. Semen contains melatonin that is the best sleep inducing agent ever.

Harm of Oral Sex

1. Oral sex can land you chlamydia or gonorrhea

Although these sexually transmitted infections usually manifest in the genital area, they can also appear in the mouth and throat. “I have seen infections in which people think they have strep throat and they go to the student health center,” says Dr. Rosser. “When they test positive for chlamydia or gonorrhea, they have to come to me for treatment.” Curing either bacterial STI usually entails a course of antibiotics.

Oral sex can land you chlamydia or gonorrhea

Herpes can also be transmitted from the genitals to the mouth and vice versa. Traditionally, we thought that herpes type 1 caused oral outbreaks and herpes type 2 caused genital outbreaks, and that one stayed upstairs, and one stayed downstairs. But now we know that’s not true — you can get either kind in either place.

2. Too much oral action might lead to an injury

This happens. In a recent BMJ case report, dentists detailed how a patient who regularly performed oral sex on men developed a strange lesion on the roof of his mouth, due to “blunt trauma” during fellatio. The sucking motion associated with fellatio may have also played a role, the authors wrote, causing blood to pool and clot in this area.

Women should pay attention to how their vagina feels during and after oral sex, says Dr. Rosser, and make sure that it’s not being irritated by scratchy facial hair or a too-enthusiastic tongue, for example. Oral sex can also alter a woman’s natural pH, at least temporarily, but her body will usually self-regulate and bring things back to normal fairly quickly before an infection can set in.

3. Oral sex can transmit HPV, which can cause throat cancer

Doctors used to think that human papillomavirus (HPV), the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States, couldn’t affect the mouth. But recent research has them rethinking this notion. Scientists have now shown that the same high-risk strains of HPV that lead to cervical cancer can also be transmitted by oral sex and potentially cause head, neck, and throat cancer, as well.

Rates of HPV-related throat cancer are on the rise in men, especially those who smoke or have had five or more oral-sex partners, according to a 2017 study in the Annals of Oncology. The overall risk of developing HPV-related cancer is still low—for both men and women. And most people who have HPV (even a high-risk strain) will not develop cancer. But if you have throat pain or notice strange symptoms that persist for more than two weeks, check in with a doctor.

4. The Zika virus might be another consequence

A French woman became infected with the Zika virus not long after her male partner had returned from Brazil. Doctors determined that she probably got the virus—which is usually spread through mosquito bites—by performing oral sex on him.

The couple had participated in both vaginal and oral sex since the man’s Brazil trip, but he had only ejaculated during fellatio, doctors wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine. It’s possible that she could have been infected with the Zika virus from “pre-ejaculate secretions” or “deep kissing,” they wrote, but it’s more likely she got it from swallowing his semen.


Using your mouth, tongue, and fingers to stimulate your partner’s genitals is termed as oral sex. This form of reproduction, which is often done as part of foreplay, is proven to be an excellent way to trigger sexual compatibility and discover new pleasures with your partner. Women might not like it, and men might always want to rush it. But having oral sex is proven to have several health benefits.

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