6 Best Condom Catheter [Buyer Guide]

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People who had trouble controlling their urination had to turn to internal urination catheters for a long time. However, the world is evolving, and so is this product’s purpose. According to that, today, we have condom catheters!

Usually advertised to people with health problems, this product has slowly made its way to becoming a desirable item among everyone. Maybe you don’t have any health problems but just want to stop making stops every 5 minutes of your trip or while you work. This is where condom catheters help. 

But looking for the right catheter can be difficult. You have to take into mind the quality, material, size, and so on. You don’t want to be emptying your pockets for nothing, right? 

This is why we have thoroughly researched the best condom catheters on the market right now and have selected these few as the top of the list. In case you have questions by the end of it, we’ve included an FAQ  section, so be sure to check it out.

What is a Condom Catheter?

The condom catheter is a condom such as a device that’s placed over the penis. A drainage tube is connected to the condom, which makes it possible for the urine to maneuver to a sinus storage tote.

A condom catheter is a pee storage device that may be employed to take care of short-term rash in men. It is made up of a flexible sheath that fits over the penis precisely like a condom.

The condom catheter is rolled onto the penis and also attached to it with double-sided glue, a jockey-type strap plus a foam strap. The catheter is connected to a tube that drains the urine into a drainage bag.

Condom catheters can be found in several sizes. Leg bags come in various sizes and can differ from new to the brand. As the bag matches, it becomes much thicker. Condom catheters can be found in silicone and latex. Latex rubber may cause problems for many people with allergies. A condom catheter and leg bag should cause no difficulties in ordinary daily tasks.

How to Put on a Condom Catheter?

  1. Gather supplies.
  • Correct condom type and dimensions
  • Soapy and moist washcloths
  • Condom strap (if utilizing this product)
  1. Wash hands with water and soap.
  2. Take off an old condom if a person is presently on.
  • Roll off its manhood. Don’t pull it off, because this might damage the skin.
  1. Wash the penis with the soapy washcloth and rinse with all the moist cloth.

Don’t forget to pull the foreskin (if current ) back and wash out the head of their penis. Roll the foreskin down to pay the penis.

  1. Dry the penis well.
  2. Take a condom from the bundle.
  • Roll the condom up toward the funnel-shaped finish.
  • Some people today utilize Skin Prep applied to the penis before putting on the condom. The Skin Prep helps to keep the condom in place.
  1. Put the funnel end of the condom over the head of their penis.
  2. Roll the condom down on the head of their penis into the bottom of their penis.

If that is a self-adhesive kind of condom, hold it in position after it is completely wrapped for 10 minutes. When it isn’t a self-adhesive condom, then proceed to the next step.

  1. Get the condom holder from this bundle.
  • Wrap the condom holder roughly one inch above the bottom of their penis.
  • Pull the strap over a finger to be sure that the belt isn’t too tight.
  1. Fasten the condom holder.

Gently the elastic strap into the Velcro (if utilizing this item). The condom strap ought to be changed at least every day when performing ICs or while using the condom with no ICs.

  1. Connect the condom to a leg bag or bedside bag.
  2. Wear the leg bag below the knee.

The UltraFlex Self-Adhering Male External Catheter is 100 percent latex-free also eliminates the danger of latex-related skin discomforts. This flexible catheter promotes healthy skin and is soft for much greater personal comfort.

Unlike latex catheters, the apparent, translucent UltraFlex catheter allows a visual review of skin without removing the catheter. The non-sensitizing glue provides a trusted bond into the skin for additional assurance and maximum wear time. A kink-proof funnel helps guarantee uninterrupted pee flow.

Key Features:

  • It has a built-in band
  • Its design is clear and odourless
  • The silicone material of this product eliminates any possibility for allergic reactions


  • Brand: UltraFlex
  • Size: 29mm
  • Material: Self-adhering silicone


  • This product is skin-friendly, meaning you don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions
  • Stays on at least 24 hours
  • Right and dependable size


  • The adhesive might be too strong at times

This UltraFlex condom catheter comes with 7 large catheters and a premium bag to use for simple and fast bladder draining. No need for tubes or other straps with this product. Easy to put on and use, you can rest assured that you can go anywhere and anytime. The discreet shipping package is great at keeping busybodies away.

Key Features:

  • Contains: 7-36mm Spirit External Catheters with moisture Hydrocolloid adhesive
  • One Premium Leg Bag + Tubing and Adjustable Leg Straps
  • Also available in 25mm (small), 29 mm (medium) and 32mm (intermediate)
  • Fantastic for off-road street truckers, hiking, or anytime a bathroom is inaccessible or inconvenient


  • Brand: UltraFlex
  • Size: 29mm + 1000ml leg bag
  • Material: Silicone


  • Special return policy
  • Comfortable and affordable
  • So easy to use that you won’t feel that it is there


  • The size might be too big for some people

Male External Catheters are condom-like apparatus designed to maintain guys comfortable and dry without needing absorbents. These outside Catheters are put over the penis and attached to a set device, usually a drainage bag connected to the leg along with even a bedside bag.

Whether out of surgery or on a long-distance trip, this condom catheter is great for setting your bladder free. Although the PVC tubes make the dress on easier, plastic is harder to clean than silicone, making it more prone to gathering bacteria. Thus, these condom catheters require careful usage and clean hands when putting them on.  

Key Features:

  • The product includes 5 medium self-sealing, extra adhesive condom catheters, and a premium leg bag
  • Used for post-surgery or prostate surgery
  • Great for any time you can’t make a bathroom stop


  • Brand: Plceo
  • Size: 28mm catheters + 750 ml leg bag
  • Material: PVC


  • Easy to use and with high quality
  • All sizes are true to their measurements


  • The catheters may be too thin and small
  • The drain valve can cause minor problems

With the combined power of hydrocolloid as adhesive and the flexibility of silicone, these condom catheters are perfect for long days when all you do is sit in one place. The breathable sheath is soft to the skin, and the fact that they are made from silicone implies that they prevent the occurrence of allergies. 

The see-through material is also unchangeable, meaning that these won’t bend regardless of your movement.  

Key Features:

  • 3 pack condom catheters
  • The first sheath to use hydrocolloid adhesive
  • Made from silicone
  • Transparent look
  • Resistant to bending


  • Brand: Spirit
  • Size: 36mm
  • Material: All silicone


  • Secure design
  • Great package and comfortable to use


  • The size is too small

All Silicone Male Topical Condom Catheter is a self-adhering, latex-free silicone catheter. This male external catheter is 3″ wide, supplying 70% more adhesive area for extra security. This non-sensitizing adhesive is gentle to the skin, and together with the silicone, they create a bond with the skin for maximising the wear time. 

Moreover, the silicone material eliminates all risks of latex-related allergies and allows your penis to breathe through the sheath. This, in return, makes the catheter much more comfortable to wear. 

Key Features:

  • Forward placement of the adhesive
  • 70% more adhesive in its 3” adhesive width than other traditional designs
  • 100% latex-free, breathable, and transparent
  • Kink-restrain to provide continuous urination


  • Brand: Wideband
  • Size: 29mm
  • Material: Silicone


  • Great adhesive
  • Works in low temperatures
  • Keeps you dry day and night


  • If you want to return the product, note that there is a return fee

This kit comes with 5 condom catheters, a leg bag that can gather up to 750ml, and straps that you can use to fasten the leg bag to your leg. Remember, the leg bag should always go just below the knee. The affordable price of this kit makes it perfect for everyone that needs this device. 

This product is good for anyone with a medical issue regarding the control of the bladder. Sometimes there might be other reasons for your purchase, and regardless of them, this complete kit will build your confidence to leave the house any time of the day. Plus, you can sleep soundly knowing that you won’t be met with a mess in the morning

Key Features:

  • 5 condoms sufficient for 5 days
  • Self-Seal catheters
  • The product comes with a leg bag of 750ml and straps


  • Brand: TOPMED ETS
  • Size: 30mm catheter + leg bag 750 ml
  • Material: Silicone


  • It will cover you for almost a week of use
  • If a strap does come undone you will be able to change it with a new one
  • Free return of the product if it doesn’t fit or has other problems


  • The size might be too large


In order to answer all your burning questions about this product, we have gathered all important questions into this list here. 

  1. What are condom catheters used for?

No, these are not male sex toys. One approach to drain the bladder is using a condom catheter. This system resembles a standard condom using a tube that’s linked to a sinus drainage bag. It is used for men, and the uses can be various. One can use it if they have health problems, but sometimes people use them as a way to not create a hindrance in their work. By attaching a condom catheter, you can walk freely, do every task that you have in your schedule, and all that time you don’t have to make a stop to the toilet. 

  1. Is a condom catheter washable and reusable?

No. Condom catheters are not washable nor reusable. For this reason, many manufacturers create a whole package of catheters in one purchase. In the list above, the products are carefully selected to provide you with more than one catheter. Moreover, since the prices of condom catheters are lower than other products, you can always order more.  

  1. Can the leg bag be reused?

Collection bags are typically reusable. Of course, they should be cleaned before every use. First, wash it with cold water and then wash it again but this time with a mixture of vinegar and water (or bleach and water). After letting this mixture sit for half an hour in the bag, you empty it and wash it for the third time. This time you can use warm water. In the end, let it air-dry, and you can reuse it again and again.

  1. How can I determine the right size for me?

Usually, your package should contain a measurement device that is sized according to the provided diameter. However, if your package doesn’t include this, you can always use a measuring tape and write down the size. Sometimes, the retailer might offer free returns to those products that are not the right size, which would allow you to figure out the right fit for you.

  1. Are condom catheters safe?

Yes, condom catheters are perfectly safe if they are used right. Most of the abovelisted products are kink-free which means that they can sustain any form of bending. However, sometimes you should be careful with the adhesive on them, because it may be too strong. 


It is always advised to read the instructions and find out the material the product is made from, because some condom catheters may include latex. Nonetheless, as long as you use it correctly, you shouldn’t have any problems with your condom catheter.

  1. What are the benefits of condom catheters?

The first benefit is the fact that they are way more comfortable than internal urinary catheters. Setting that aside, condom catheters are easier to put on and don’t restrict your movements – you can go a full day without even noticing you have one. The best part is that you can put them on by yourself, meaning that you don’t need a trip to the hospital to get this thing to start working.

  1. Are there any disadvantages to using a condom catheter? 

The disadvantages may arise due to not using it properly. If you use a bigger condom catheter then that may lead to leakage or they can fall off. Sometimes, the adhesive might be so strong that the removal of the catheter may cause pain. 


If it is used more frequently, then it may also lead to skin irritation and breakdown. There are rare cases when a condom catheter has caused a catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI).

  1. Who can wear a condom catheter?

The idea behind condom catheters is to help men who have trouble with controlling their bladders. So, condom catheters are mostly used by people that have urinary incontinence. Some people have overactive bladder (OAB) i.e. they get sudden urges to urinate and thus this product is helpful for them too. 


Moreover, condom catheters are used with people with dementia because dementia is one of the early causes of urinary incontinence. And of course, people that are immobile are always advised to use this product or the internal urinary catheter. 


In the above article, we help you to discover the best condom catheter, which can be found on the market right now. Each one is appropriate for a different purpose to please anyone that wishes to try out something exciting and new.

Even if you have used an oil-based lubricant, water-based lubricant, organic lubricants, or other kinds during your playtime, you don’t need to worry about using a condom catheter after it. Most are created from materials that go well with these lubricants. 

Take the Male External Condom Catheter 29mm Rochester UltraFlex, Self Adhering Silicone. It is made from silicone so as long as it doesn’t come in contact with silicone-based lubes the product is safe. 

If you want to travel for a long time without any stops, then try using the Complete Kit Urinary Incontinence One-Week, 7-Condom Catheters Self-Seal External 39mm (Large), + Premium Leg Bag 1000ml Tubing, Straps & Fast and Easy Draining

On the other hand, if you are someone that has medical issues and thus require the use of a condom catheter, we suggest going for the Male Urine Leg Bag Collector 5-Condom Catheters Self-Seal 28mm (Intermediate), Premium Leg Bag 750ml 30 Inch PVC Extension Tubing, Tubing Straps & Fast and Easy Draining.

Nonetheless, any of the products listed above are promised to cover the reason you have for reaching for this product. Needless to say, condom catheters don’t stop you from enjoying some fun under the sheets. Check out some hands-free masturbators, condoms, sex furniture, and much more, and forget your problems!

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