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On approach to drain the bladder is using a condom catheter. This system resembles a standard condom using a tube that’s linked to a sinus drainage bag. It’s used for men.

What is a Condom Catheter?

The condom catheter is a condom such as a device that’s placed over the penis. A drainage tube is connected to the condom, which makes it possible for the urine to manoeuvre to a sinus storage tote.

A condom catheter is a pee storage device which may be employed to take care of short term rash in men. It is made up of a flexible sheath that fits over the penis precisely like a condom.

The condom catheter is rolled onto the penis and also attached to it with double-sided glue, a jockey-type strap plus a foam strap. The catheter is connected to a tube which drains the urine into a drainage bag.

Condom catheters can be found in several sizes. Leg bags come in various sizes and can differ from new to the brand. As the bag matches, it becomes much thicker. Condom catheters can be found in silicone and latex. Latex rubber may cause problems for many people with allergies. A condom catheter and leg bag should cause no difficulties in ordinary daily tasks.

How to Put on a Condom Catheter?

1. Gather supplies.

  • Correct condom type and dimensions
  • Soapy and moist washcloths
  • Condom strap (if utilising this product)

2. Wash hands with water and soap.

3. Take off old condom if a person is presently on.

  • Roll off its manhood. Don’t pull it off, because this might damage the skin.

4. Wash the penis with the soapy washcloth and rinse with all the moist cloth.

Don’t forget to pull the foreskin (if current ) back and wash out the head of their penis. Roll the foreskin down to pay the penis.

5. Dry penis well.

6. Take condom from the bundle.

  • Roll the condom up toward the funnel-shaped finish.
  • Some people today utilise Skin Prep applied into the penis before putting on the condom. The Skin Prep helps to keep the condom in place.

7. Put the funnel end of the condom over the head of their penis.

8. Roll the condom down on the head of their penis into the bottom of their penis.

If that is a self-adhesive kind of condom, hold it in position after it’s completely wrapped for 10 minutes. When it isn’t a self-adhesive condom, then proceed to the next step.

9. Get the condom holder from this bundle.

  • Wrap the condom holder roughly one inch above the bottom of their penis.
  • Pull the strap over a finger to be sure that the belt isn’t too tight.

10. Fasten the condom holder.

Gently the elastic strap into the Velcro (if utilising this item ). The condom strap ought to be changed at least every day when performing ICs or while using the condom with no ICs.

11. Connect the condom to a leg bag or bedside bag.

12. Wear the leg bag below the knee.


Male External Condom Catheter 29mm Rochester UltraFlex, Self Adhering Silicone

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The UltraFlex Self-Adhering Male External Catheter is 100 per cent latex-free also eliminates the danger of latex-related skin discomforts. This flexible catheter promotes healthy skin and is soft for much greater personal comfort.

Unlike latex catheters, the apparent, translucent UltraFlex catheter allows a visual review of skin without removing the catheter. The non-sensitizing glue provides a trusted bond into the skin for additional assurance and maximum wear time. A kink-proof funnel helps guarantee uninterrupted pee flow.

Key Features:



Complete Kit Urinary Incontinence One-Week, 7-Condom Catheters Self-Seal External 29mm (Medium), + Premium Leg Bag 1000ml Tubing, Straps & Fast and Easy Draining

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  • Contains: 7 -29mm UPGRADED SPIRIT SMALL self-evident Condom Catheters
  • One Premium Leg Bag + Tubing and Adjustable Leg Straps
  • Also available in 25mm (small), 32mm (intermediate) and 36mm (big)
  • Fantastic for off-road street truckers, hiking, or anytime a bathroom is inaccessible or inconvenient.

Key Features:



POP-ON External Condom Catheter

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The Pop About Catheters supplies a shorter sheath using the same adhesive area as a standard length catheter. The catheter sheath area measures 1.5″ and works particularly well with a short or retracted penis.

The non-sensitizing glue on the Pop On Catheters supply a trusted bond into the skin for additional assurance and maximum wear time. Made with all-silicone material, The Rochester Pop About Catheters are 100 per cent latex-free, breathable and clear.

Male External Catheters are condom-like apparatus designed to maintain guys comfortable and dry without needing absorbents. These outside Catheters are put over the penis and attached to a set device, usually a drainage bag connected to the leg along with even a bedside bag.

Key Features:



One External Male Latex Catheter Condom Style Selfadhering Coated Strip

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Latex External Catheter Designed for Substance incontinence daily and nighttime use Proximal end it’s made for simple connection to pee tote/leg bag, which makes it easy to utilize efficiently with self-sticking coated strip you’re buying 1 component of this male catheter.

Key Features:



Wideband Condom External Catheters

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All Silicone Male Topical Condom Catheter is a self-adhering, latex-free silicone catheter. This male external catheter is 3″ wide, supplying 70% more adhesive area for extra security.

Key Features:



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