5 Best Cleave Gags [Buyer Guide]

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A more effective version of this over-the-mouth gag is known as the cleave gag. On occasion, a knot is tied at the middle of a cleave gag so it may be utilized as a ball gag. It’s necessary for people who take pleasure in using gags to realize that using one entails the threat of asphyxiation, nausea, and choking.

What is a Cleave Gag?

A cleave gag is a pure substance gag that’s attached behind the head and held between the teeth. A cleave gag is a fundamental gag. Although it’s not hard to secure and utilize, it prevents the wearer from talking. Cleave gags and other sorts of gags are frequently used in bondage drama.

Rather than being tied across the individual’s mouth, then the scarf or fabric is pulled between their teeth. While this type of gag of a thin cloth isn’t too overpowering, a thick scarf may be utilized to hold her or his mouth open. Cleave gags are hard to remove since they involve the teeth, not on the mouth area. When it’s implemented correctly, the gagged individual’s address is muted, but not entirely silenced.

In BDSM, safewords, sounds, or symbols are usually used to ensure a player wearing a gag may signal distress and be published. No one sporting a gag should be left alone for any period.

Key Features:


Key Features:



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