5 Best Vacuum Beds [Buyer Guide]

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It’s time to lie down, close your mind, and get prepared to be helpless, because today we are speaking about the fundamentals of BDSM Vacuum beds!

The vacuum bed must be used with the aid of someone else, as the consumer cannot control the vacuum itself, nor escape the vacuum bed unaided.

What is a Vacuum Bed?

The vacuum beds is equally a bondage and feeling device. The consumer is not able to move considerably (although a few wiggling is possible) and is unable to talk or view, depending on the breathing hole used. The sensation of this vacuum bed itself, in addition to any other play (stroking, percussion( vibrations) may be gratifying to your users, and some find adventures a great deal more extreme than what is experienced with no vacuum beds.

A person has been placed in a latex envelope spanned by a frame along with a suction pump or floor vacuum eliminates the majority of the air in the container. The structure can be either a simple rectangle of pierced PVC pipes, combined by PVC joints or 3-dimensional frames of different sizes, with a similar PVC construction.

There are several ways the vacuum bed can be designed to ease breathing. The most typical is a tube running from outside of the vacuum bed into the person’s mouth. A second choice is a reinforced hole that’s positioned so that the mouth protrudes. A third solution is a reinforced gasket by which forces the whole head. Adding a connected fetish, some vacuum beds utilize a gas mask to facilitate respiration.

There’s also a threat of positional asphyxia, as well as the other risks connected with bondage activities.

Aside from the submissive feeling a feeling of comfort, there are many things you can do…

  • Flogging
  • Spanking
  • Caressing
  • Wearing an anal toy or vaginal toy while inside
  • Tickling
  • Genital stimulation through hands, bodies, or sex toys

The Extreme Black Latex Vacuum Bed is capable of completely immobilizing its occupant between 2 sheets of 0.4millimeter latex rubber! When you hook up your vacuum to the beds fortified vacuum attachment interface, the latex tote will immediately be squeezed tight around the wearer, quickly shrink wrapping them into submission.

I am considering that the PVC frame has holes around the outside of the mattress that the vacuum seal will be uniform and tight. The Vac-Bed includes 1 1 1/2 inch PVC framework (holes are put along the interior to evenly disperse the pull of the vacuum).

A 0.4mm thick rectangular latex tote, using a zipper that runs along one side, which fits snuggly within the PVC frame. An augmented hole for your vacuum cleaner attachment. A reinforced hole can also be readily available for breathing. Utilizing the Extreme Black Latex Vacuum Bed is straightforward.

Key Features:


The Latex Vacuum beds is excellent for anybody into breath management, latex, or bondage. Having a 0.4mm thick latex coating that warms up superbly with latex spray, then the Latex Vacuum Bed completely immobilizes your subfloor, leaving them at your mercy.

Using built-in breathing hole for fans and safety of breath drama, in addition to a genital entry interface, the Latex Vacuum Bed comes provided with a PVC framework so that you may attach your latex cap, along with a 1.5 inch connector letting you attach most family hoovers and suck out all the atmosphere to get a shrink-wrapped feel.

Key Features:


Key Features:


The costume you’re seeing on is from among the highest rated firms available on the marketplace for form-fitting stunning latex clothing! Default colour and dimension is shameful, 100cm X 220cm

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In the above article, we help you to discover the best vacuum bed, which can be found on the market right now. Each one is appropriate for a different purpose to please anyone that wishes to try out something exciting and new.

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