6 Best Sexy Marie Antoinette Costumes [Buyer Guide]

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Marie Antoinette costumes are sexy, sultry, and overall a lot of fun if you and your partner like experimenting with outfits and roleplay.

For those who don’t know, Marie Antoinette was the last queen of France before the revolution, and although she died over three hundred years ago, her legacy and gorgeous outfits live on.

Roleplay and cosplay is supposed to be a lot of fun, and Marie Antoinette outfits are always the perfect mix of classy and sexy – some would say even great for beginners who have never dressed up before.

We’ve taken the time to review the top five Marie Antoinette costumes, taking into account their design, materials and so much more. We’ve also included a detailed buyer guide and FAQ at the bottom to answer some of your most burning questions.

So, if you want to learn more – keep reading.

If you’ve been dreaming about making love the french way, then Lovehoney’s fantasy french fancy-made custom is the closest you will get. Lovehoney’s Fantasy French Made Costume has a pair of tight highs in addition to crotchless panties pulling you even deeper in the thrilling french love scene. The costume will arouse you and your partner the moment you see it and will instantly make you emerge into the roles.

The dress has a micro mini-cut that skims the thighs and displays every inch of your legs up to the hot croissant waiting for your partner. The costume also features a Bardot neckline that makes your breasts and neck naked and more appealing. The shoulders are left bare and expose even your tiniest excitement, while the halter neck straps hold the costume tight and slightly push the breasts up.

Lovehoney Fantasy French Fancy Made Costume has a unique design with butt-skimming features and many accessories that will make you or your partner an “innocent” french maid ready for action.

Key Features:

  • French maid costume
  • Butt-skimming features
  • Pair of high-tighs and crotchless panties
  • Head peace and choke


  • Brand: Lovehoney
  • Color: Black and White
  • Material: Polyester
  • Item: Fantasy French Fancy Made Costume
  • Dimensions: Dress size from 4 to 14 US


  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Many accessories
  • Bare shoulders, neck, and cleavage
  • Additional headpiece and choker
  • Every inch of the leg is exposedA little bit overpriced


  • A little bit overpriced
  • Size may be inappropriate
  • No other colors

An underwear body with an open crotch and thong back make this french maid costume something that will make you say “Oh la la” a thousand time during the play. The dress also has an embroidered garter apron, a ribbon choker, and a headband. The edges of lace ruffles and the satin tie on the apron are something that will add to your costume’s appeal and thrilling french note.

Key Features:

  • French maid costume
  • Crotchless body, embroidered apron, and headband
  • White lace ruffles and a ribbon choker
  • 4 x straps for stockings attachment


  • Brand: Dreamgirl
  • Color: Black and White
  • Dimensions: Dress size from 2 to 12 US
  • Item: Crotchless French Maid Costume with Garter Apron


  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Bare thighs and legs
  • Great apron featuring the embroidered ‘Dirty’
  • Additional headpiece and choker
  • 4 appealing straps


  • Size may be inappropriate for some maids
  • Relatively expensive
  • One peace product

The Escante Underwired Sexy Outfit is a sensual outfit that gives a lot more coverage, and still has the classic ruffles that can be found in old-school French fashion. With a garter garnered with a delicate bow, a corset style front, and a balconette bustier, this is a great outfit for those who have a smaller bust as it really accentuates the figure. 

Completely gorgeous, and utterly sexy – pair with heels or if you’re feeling raunchy, a fox tail butt plug for even more fun. This is also a great outfit to be worn to sex parties due to the coverage and style of the design.

Key Features:

  • Corset style design
  • Balconette bustier
  • Lace detail


  • Brand: Lovehoney
  • Color: Black and White
  • Material: Cotton and polyester/lace
  • Dimensions: US size 6 to 10


  • Great for those who have a smaller bust and want to accentuate it
  • Compatible with heels, fox tail butt plug, etc.


  • Corset style may not be to everyone’s taste
  • No additional accessories
  • Relatively high price

Do you want to suspend your and your partner’s pleasure until you throw against one another like great french lovers? The Cotelli French Maid Keyhole offers exactly this by including features like the keyhole uncovering your cleavage and the white stockings, which promise a big cleaning action. 

This is an ultra-short and curve-skimming dress that has four garter straps for attaching your favorite stockings. You can combine it with pair of heels and a dust brush for enjoying great role-play.


Key Features:

  • One-piece french maid keyhole costume
  • Elegant slim-fit design
  • Key-hole cut out at the cleavage


  • Brand: Cotelli
  • Item: Cotelli French Maid Keyhole Suspender Dress Costume
  • Dimensions: US size 4 to 18
  • Color: Black and white
  • Material: Polyester


  • Appealing body-shaped material
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Different sizes available
  • Attaching stockings


  • Only one color available
  • Relatively expensive
  • Stockings can be included in the order

This Queen Antoinette costume is a whole package of clothes that will make you feel like making love in an 18th Century french palace. You and your partner will be thrilled to see the elegancy displayed in the detailed brocade mini dress. With the ordering of this dress, you’ll also get a mini hat and shoes and thighs, which come separately. 

The Delicious Queen Antoinette Sexy Costume celebrates beauty. Its high-quality materials and delicious design will boost the self-confidence, individuality, and appealing charm of the person wearing it. The dress comes in two colors, black and white, and can be hand washed. 

Key Features:

  • Marie Antoinette Costume
  • Mini hat, shoes, thigh highs included
  • High-quality fabrics and trims


  • Brand: Secret Wishes
  • Item: Delicious Queen Antoinette Sexy Costume
  • Dimensions: Dress size from X-Small to 2X
  • Color: Black and red
  • Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex


  • Whole package
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Easy to keep and wash
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Many pieces included
  • Wearing only for bigger occasions

If you want your lovemaking to feel like a piece of art in some room of Versailles, then the Antoinette Legs Avenue Women’s Costume can get you there at first glance. The thrilling light blue color and the 18th-century white wig will give you an appeal of a coquette and seductive princess ready for the craziest adventures.

The Versailles Legs Avenue Costume is a two-piece costume with zipper closure, making it easier for you to dress or undress. Furthermore, it features a layered ruffled hem, jewel satin bow accents, and pin on the back bow. It’s a one of a kind costume in which your body will fit wonderfully and make your partner obedient and submissive courtier. 

Key Features:

  • Marie Antoinette Short 2-Piece Costume
  • Includes glitter scroll short/high dress
  • Layered ruffle hem
  • Satin bow accents
  • Zipper closure


  • Brand: Leg Avenue
  • Item: Marie Antoinette Versailles Legs Avenue Women’s Costume
  • Dimensions: Almost all US dimensions
  • Color: Light-blue and white
  • Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex


  • Whole package
  • Glamorous look
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Many sizes available
  • Short dress and thrilling uplift


  • Only one color is available


As you can see, there are so many gorgeous Marie Antoinette costumes available. Whether it’s a classic style, or something slightly more contemporary – there really is something for everybody. If you’ve never bought costumes before, they can be a great way to spice up your time in the bedroom – or for group sex parties. Outfits can allow you to step outside of your comfort zone, and embrace a character/style that you wouldn’t usually have in your day-to-day life. This allows to keep things fresh in your sex life, and also – who doesn’t love dressing up?

You can pair outfits with so many other accessories and contraptions, one of our favorites being sex swings – as these are always a lot of fun. If Marie Antoinette isn’t your thing, though, you can always try on a sexy cowgirl costume or a sexy gangster costume! Whatever works for you.

However, if you’ve decided that Marie Antoinette costumes are for you – we’ve given you a few things to consider before making your purchase. Don’t forget that there’s also a detailed FAQ underneath that answers some of your burning questions, as well as concluding this buyer guide.


Most costumes will be made with a material that isn’t too difficult to clean, however, if your outfit is delicate – you may find that the materials are going to be slightly more prone to wear and tear – and in a worst-case scenario, breaking. If you’re someone who really isn’t bothered about things looking delicate, we recommend going for polyester or cotton with minimal silk and lace, as this can easily be thrown in the washing machine.

Also, ensure that you aren’t allergic/hyper-sensitive to any materials before purchasing, as where a lot of these outfits are tight on the skin, you don’t want to run the risk of your skin reacting – especially when you’re trying to be sexy.


The amount of coverage someone wants will be completely varied depending on their confidence, body type, and the look they’re going for. As a rule of thumb, most outfits are designed to be naturally flattering – and if you’re someone who already feels confident naked or in lingerie, then a slightly more skimpy outfit with less coverage may well work for you.

However, we understand that for some customers – you might not feel completely comfortable wearing so little clothing, and that’s fine too. All of these outfits are designed to make you feel your best, and if you prefer something that is full coverage then definitely go for that. There are also some outfits that offer additional coverage on the arms or bust area – so if these are parts of your body that you don’t feel confident in, you can still get outfits that help to target those areas and make you feel sexy.

Bust area

Similar to coverage, you want to ensure that the bust style is going to compliment the bust size that you already have. As a rule of thumb, we recommend balconette or push-up styles for those who have a slightly smaller bust area, and for women who have a larger bust and maybe don’t want to accentuate it – go for a fuller cup with minimal padding.

If you’re someone who is not bothered how your breasts appear (whether enlarged or made slightly smaller) then pick whatever you want! It all boils down to how you feel, so go with that looks right to you. We highly recommend reading the reviews, too – as you’ll be able to see what others thought of the fit, particularly around the bust area.

Please note that if you have a slightly larger bust area (whether this is the width of your back, or your cup size, that it may be worth going up a size so you feel completely comfortable. Same for those who have smaller busts – you may be able to size down if your back size is a lot smaller.


Why are Marie Antoinette costumes so popular?

Because she is such an icon throughout history, naturally, there is going to be a lot of popularity around her outfits and how she presented herself. This kind of question is often difficult to answer, as it’s in the same vein as “why are nurse costumes so popular” – and really, none of us know! There is, of course, a huge element of fantasy to any outfit, as it allows you to transport yourself into being someone completely new.

You can also combine these costumes with accessories like sexy wigs or feather ticklers for great fantasy role-play! For more maid costumes tips and safety measures, you can always educate yourself online.

How do I clean my costumes?

Most costumes should come with basic instructions on how to clean them, and it’s important that you follow the instructions straight away. However, for certain stains – such as oil and body fluids, you may want to get these washed out straight away before putting them in the washing machine. This is especially important if you have a costume that is white or very light colors, as stains are more likely to show up on these.

If in doubt and for whatever reason, your costume doesn’t come with cleaning instructions – we recommend going back to the site that you purchased it from as there will often be advice on there on how to clean them.

I’ve never worn a costume before, what is it like?

It’s a fantastic experience for those who love it – however, it’s not for everybody. There are so many people who enjoy the fantasy of wearing a costume, whether that’s for Halloween or for roleplay with a partner. Overall, it should be an exhilarating experience that makes you feel great – but also, it has to turn your partner on too. Knowing how to broach the conversation can feel a bit awkward, especially if you’re with a new partner – however, we recommend to just go for it and ask!

You don’t need to go crazy with a full-length costume straight away, instead, you can start to build things up with accessories, sex toys and lingerie and see how you feel in that. If you feel great, start wearing more adventurous costumes.

If you’re someone who is completely against wearing a costume, for whatever reason, it’s important to communicate that to your partner – especially if they love the idea of roleplay and dressing up. Plus, you can always check how it looks in real life.


In conclusion, these outfits are incredibly sexy – and we hope we’ve helped you make the right purchase. Born amid riches and bombarded by wealth, the lovely Ms Antoinette never understood how powerful she was, marking her as one of the coldest, most callous queens the citizens of France had ever encountered.

If the idea of playing out the fantasy of being Marie Antoinette excites you, then we highly recommend wearing one of the costumes. Remember, if anybody chooses to complain about your decisions, let them eat cake! But beauteous queen, beware the guillotine! 

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