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There’s no better way to enjoy sex than to experiment with different sex plays. When it comes to submissive and Dominance plays nowadays, more and more couples are increasingly open to trying fetish and hardcore sex such as BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism, and masochism.) – A scene where a Dominant partner exhibit supremacy over the submissive partner in sexual role-plays. To enjoy BDSM sex plays, you need to use suitable sex toys such as ring gags that are safe and easy to use.

There are many kinds of ring gags out there. Their materials and designs vary, but they all serve the same purpose: keeping the mouth open. Many couples enjoy incorporating an O-ring gag into their BDSM sex play because they’re easy to use, safe, and provide them the pleasure they desire. To some, wearing a gag alone is enough restraint, while to others, they prefer to use a gag in addition to other fetish toys. Specific incidences such as the smell of leather, the gag’s bland taste, the sound subs make when they try to speak, or by seeing the submissive partner drool hysterically have been known to excite fetishists.

In this article, we would delve into the top 5 ring gags to spice up your sex life. A brief description of each item, answers to some frequently asked questions, as well as some tips for choosing a ring gag will be stated.

What is a ring gag?

A ring gag is a fetish sex accessory with a round hole in the middle worn over the head to keep the mouth open. People who have unusual fetishes often use it to hold their partner’s mouth open during their intimate moments, especially when doing BDSM sex play.

For a fun-filled restraint sexual experience, choose the Ouch! Halo Silicone Ring Gag that is silky-smooth and adjustable for comfortable and tenable restriction. The metal O-ring is wholly coated with medical-grade silicone material that is tasteless and gentle on the teeth and gums, yet durable and solid. The belt straps are also made from elite silicone material, making it easily adjustable to fit various sizes. This O-ring gag has a gorgeous design and fit, and it is made with high-quality materials.

If you’re a fan of drooling, explicit oral insertion, and fun, O rings are for you! The gag is one of the best additions you can make to your BDSM accessory drawer. The gag is perfect for fulfilling nag play fantasy and power play scenarios. All you need to do is attach a lead to the gag and lead your sub anywhere you desire.

Key Features:

  • Small-sized O-ring gag for open mouth bondage sex
  • Lockable and Buckle-fastened belt
  • Compatible with chains and leads
  • Fun design for extra kinky fun play
  • Comfortable and adjustable belt straps


  • Brand: Ouch!
  • Material: Silicone, vegan leather (PU) and metal
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Total length: 30.3" inches


  • Well suited for experienced bondage players
  • Safe and Allergen-free materials
  • Comfortable and suitable for the act
  • Tasteless and odor-free
  • Gentle on teeth and jaws


  • Color may not be to everyone’s taste
  • Not suitable for beginners who may not want to open their mouth too wide

This Ouch! Silicone Rigid Ring Gag is very erotic and is a great addition to gag play. It is made from healthy silicone materials that are odor-free, tasteless, and non-toxic. The lip gag is flexible and comfortable to use and is gentle on the mouth. It comes with an adjustable leather strap on that is plane and skin-friendly. It is designed to be waterproof, comfortable, and easy to use. This lip gag is perfect for couples and multi-partner plays.
The lip gag is an O-ring style mouth gag with an inside diameter of 2 inches to keep the sub’s mouth open for play. A bondage play twists on your lover’s Peperami. If you’re bored of the loud moans and talks, then have your partner chew instead on this deluxe leather bit gag for immediate inhibition of speech. You may decide to add some water-based lube for easy gliding.

Key Features:

  • O-ring style lip gag with silicone mouthpiece
  • Buckle fastening that can be adjusted around the head
  • Small-sized 2 inches inside diameter O-ring lip gag
  • Fun design
  • Waterproof silicone materials


  • Brand: Ouch!
  • Material: Silicone, leather
  • Color: Black


  • Good for first-timers
  • Fun design, Sexy look, and feel.
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Tasteless and skin-friendly


  • Mouth opening might be too small for large-sized men.
  • Difficult to position the inner part behind the teeth

If you love oral sex and you’re a fan of a big, soft pair of red lips, then the Sex & Mischief Red Silicone Open Mouth Lip Gag is for you. This lip gag fits around your partner’s teeth and lips and keeps the mouth open.

The ultimate blow job accessory, this silicone gag keeps mouths open and teeth covered for easy oral insertion. Thanks to the flexible silicone mouthpiece, this gag is great for beginners and is suitable for all skin types. Wrap your lips around the gag and secure with the adjustable vegan leather strap by buckling behind your head. Bring your sexy lipstick red lip blowjob fantasies to reality with this silicone open mouth lips gag.

The Red Silicone Open Mouth Lip Gag from Sex and Mischief brand is made principally from body-compatible silicone material. The metal is nickel-free, and the straps are made from faux leather. It is waterproof and can be used with water-based lubes for enhanced gliding.

Key Features:

  • O-ring style lip gag with silicone mouthpiece
  • Buckle fastening with fastening 11-holes that can adjust between 16 – 24inches around the head
  • Flexible 1.5 inches inside diameter O-ring
  • Nickel-free metals, faux leather
  • Waterproof silicone materials


  • Brand: Sex & Mischief
  • Material: Silicone, leather
  • Color: Red
  • Total length: 25 inches


  • Very good for oral play
  • Kinky and fun design
  • Non- scented
  • Easy to clean
  • Gentle on teeth and jaws


  • Lip opening becomes too tight.
  • Difficult to fit in

If you intend to take things up a notch, then the Pipedream Extreme Silicone O Ring Gag is the best accessory you need. This silicone O-ring gag is designed to stretch and open your sub’s lips for an overabundance of play alternatives. It is perfect for experienced gag wearers. Enjoy BDSM restraint alongside sensational oral pleasure with this advanced silicone O-ring gag.

This Gag keeps your mouth open without causing cramps and lets your partner use your mouth although. The O-ring fits behind your teeth well and holds them apart without straining your jaw. It is also just flexible enough to permit a bit of freedom for easy thrusting.
It features an extra-large silicone-coated O-ring gag with adjustable leather straps to fit into ranging sizes. It is odor-free and tasteless. It is waterproof and can be used with water-based lubes.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable leather straps with fastening buckle
  • An extra-large O-ring gag with 1.5inches outer diameter
  • Waterproof silicone materials
  • Nickel-free metals


  • Brand: Pipedream
  • Material: Silicone, leather
  • Color: Black
  • Ring portion: 1.5 inches


  • Outstanding quality
  • Comfortable and secured strap
  • Odorless and allergen-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for intense gag plays


  • It may not be big enough for some people
  • Silicone material picks up fluffy quickly

If you’re looking to push the boundaries of pleasure and fun to a greater level, this NS Novelties Sinful O-Ring Mouth Gag is the ideal gag for you. This inventive gag lets dominants close or open their sexy sub’s mouth with a thrilling silicone stopper. Dominants will love the range of pleasure they can control with this sensational stopper, and subs will be thrilled with the extent of submission this delicious gag commands. Bring even your most erotic dreams to life and dive deep into your most adventurous bondage fantasy with this naughtily versatile mouth gag.

Principally made from silicone material and based on an O-ring design to keep lips parted, It comes with a stopper plug, which can effortlessly be removed or replaced during play.
It is made by NS Novelties, one of the world’s leading sex accessories manufacturer. Stopper O-Ring Gag is made user-friendly for both men and women. Suitable for both experienced and bashful beginners alike.

Key Features:

  • Silicone stopper gag with O-ring design
  • O-ring gags with 1 3/4 and 2 inches outer diameter
  • Stopper plug on a chain
  • Fastening buckle to put in place
  • Waterproof silicone materials


  • Brand: NS Novelties
  • Material: Silicone, leather
  • Color: Black
  • Total length: 22 inches


  • Kinky look and design
  • Sexy and comfortable to use
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft and comfortable in the mouth


  • It has a complicated buckle
  • Straps may trap hair


In our previous sex toy reviews, we reviewed the best muscle gags, sex swings, penis gags, butterfly gags, and so on. Your BDSM accessory is virtually incomplete without any of the reviewed ring gags. With these O-design ring gags, you can find confidence in your sexuality and fulfill your fetish desires. Express more passion, romance, and always expect more fun. The gags are made of safe luxury leather that is mild on the skin. They are relatively straight forward to use and not complicated to fit into the head. So you can fully eliminate your partner’s unwanted noise and get them drooling for more fun and romantic experience.

What to consider when choosing a BDSM ring gag

If you’re a beginner considering trying out ring gags, the following factors are important factors for you to consider before getting one.


The materials used in the construction of these fabrics is one thing you want to watch out for. However, most ring gags are simply designed to be safe and non-toxic. The straps are made of original leather coated with silicone material that is durable and strong. The ring is usually made of nickel-free metal, which makes it firm but at the same time designed to be comfortable in your mouth.

Also, keep in mind fabrics being used in the construction of the gag. I find that leather and suede tend to bite less into the skin than one made with rubber straps. A ring gag made from silicone is best because you can easily clean it. The lip gags are made of rubber or silicone. While it may not harm when you incidentally bite on it, you may need to be careful to be when using it because of allergic chemicals such as phthalates that may be contained in rubber which you don’t want in your mouth.

For Optimum safety, the materials are designed to be fully coated with silicone materials, which are considered the next thing to the real human skin. Consider going for ring gags that are made from silicone since they are softer and safe.


The straps that come with the ring gags are usually adjustable, so it fits well for all sizes. The length of the whole strap is generally between 20 – 27 inches. The strap length on most of the items is multi-fit; however, if you feel that you require a larger size you can follow specifications to choose a more lengthen strap.
The rings external measurements are in 3 categories-
Small ring – 45mm
Medium ring – 50mm
Large rings – 55mm.
The rings internal measurements are also in 3 categories
small – 32mm,
medium – 35mm
large – 38mm.
Suppose you’re a beginner, consider experimenting with smaller sized O-ring gags such as the DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone Open Mouth Lip Gag. You can subsequently go for a larger size when you get used to them.


Your ability to be able to clean and maintain your ring gag is substantial to the durability and efficient use of the gag. Opt for ring gags that are water-resistant and can be easily cleaned using water. Gags made with silicone are the best choice when you are considering cleaning.


One important question to ask yourself is about the cost! BDSM ring gags range in prices, the difference usually being in the material used. Gags made from leather are generally costly. However, no matter what your budget is, there is an O-ring gag for you.


What is the difference between a ball gag and a ring gag

The difference between a ball gag and a ring gag is that a ring gag has an open ring-shaped design held by straps while a ball gag has a ball-shaped object help with straps. The ring gag is similar to the ball gag, only that a hollow ring replaces the ball. The ring decreases the possibility of choking and allows access to the mouth. Oral sex may be performed if the ring is big enough. A ring gag will cause the sub to drool wildly, which is often the aim of the gag. A ball gag usually induces choking and is more daring.

Why do people like wearing gags during sex?

The idea of being forced to be quiet or being forced to keep your mouth open sounds fascinating to many bondage sex players. Worldwide, many people find the notion of wearing gags during sex to be very erotic. There are several reasons for this fantasy, but the main reason by far would be domination or erotic humiliation. Gags usually cause a lot of drooling. Alas! That is a major turn-on for most people. It is what causes the majority of the appeal for both the dominant and the submissive.

Other people who engage in fetishes are sexually aroused by gags and the sounds people make during sex while wearing them. BDSM players who are into these facets of BDSM play love the idea of gags because gags have an aura of punishment and control and thus can be used as a form of humiliation. Gags can be used with chains and attachments to form some sort of harnesses, meaning you can quite literally control your sub anyhow you, please. When used in combination with other physical restraints, wearing a gag can increase the wearer’s sense of helplessness and anxiety level within a BDSM scene by rendering them ineffectual to speak during the sexual activity they find enjoyable.

The use of a gag in the bedroom creates a very clear sense of hierarchy: you know who is in charge and who is obedient. Adding this kind of display can be extremely erotic for those in BDSM relationships. To add to all of these, it is common knowledge that a BDSM gag may slightly deprive you a bit of free flow breathing. This small deprivation of air can intensify pleasure during orgasm.

Which is the best ring gag for BDSM?

The DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone O-Ring Gag is a great choice for intermediate and advanced ring gag users and is considered the best. Ring gags are great for holding your mouth open while also allowing your partner to put their fingers/penis inside your mouth.. This is because it is restrictive but yet comfortable in size. Many of the ring gags out there are made from metal, which can hurt your teeth, but The DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone O-Ring Gag is made from nickel-free metal coated with medical-grade silicone, making it firm and soft on the teeth. This ring gag also has multiple metal O-rings on its strap and is suitable for lead attachment if you want to progress into the world of more extreme BDSM.
The straps on this O-ring gag are actually made from silicone and can adjust from 16 to 24inches, so it’ll fit most wearers comfortably. It a high-quality, versatile O-ring gag designed for comfort and ease of use.

How to clean ring gags after use?

Once you’re done with the act, you need to take out the gag and ensure you clean it properly. Cleaning a gag after every use is just as crucial as any bedroom accessory that is reused. They come in contact with body fluids after all, and oral contaminations are a possibility.
Here are some guidelines to properly clean your ring gag after usage:

  • To clean, use soap and water, rinse it down with a simple cleaning tool (rag, hands, a clean sponge, towel, paper, etc.) and maybe soak in that soapy water to help get the inside clean.
  • Use warm water and antibacterial soap as a better alternative if available.
  • Take extra care around holes, dips, ridges, or any areas that are difficult to clean.
  • It is advised that you disinfect your ring gag every so often. You can use hot water with a 10% bleach solution to do this.
  • Dry out and store in either a silk bag, a clean box, or proper storage container
  • You need to sanitize If you are using your ring-gag with other people. To sanitize, you can Run through the dishwasher on the sanitize cycle, Soak in a 10% bleach solution or rubbing alcohol solution.

How to use an O-ring gag?

You don’t have to be a Veteran BDSM player to use a ring gag very well. The first key to using an O-ring gag is to position it correctly on the mouth before securing it. The O-ring goes behind the teeth, snuggling with the floor and roof of the mouth, and wraps around the lips if it is a lip gag. Subject to the activities you want to try and avoid avoidable jaw pain for the sub, the ring should be of the right size. Once you get it positioned in the right spot, tighten the straps to the desired tightness. It should not be too tight to be painful for the sub. Secure the straps well enough to ensure that the ring stays in place.

Can O-ring gags be used for oral sex?

Yes! O-ring gags are perfect for oral sex. The sex toy keeps the sub’s mouth open through a ring placed at the center. They have no choice but to take in anything you put into their mouth! Whether you want your sub to suck on you or you want to do the insertion, as long as you can fit in through the ring, they will take it. Whether your sub can really go down on, you might not even be your goal. Just puréeing into their mouths in your hot sexy, nasty plays could be fascinating.

What are the Safety Measures to Take before Trying Out?

Before you even get to the wearing stage, you and your partner should establish a safe signal. Remember, safe words won’t work in an O-ring gag scene. The sub won’t be able to verbally communicate their needs. Therefore, you need to establish some warning gestures that will indicate that it is time to stop if you are becoming too uncomfortable.
The dominant needs to be extra-aware of the sub’s motions and take on extra responsibility for beginners.
The first step is to have a conversation. You can talk about expectations and concerns to be sure that you’re on the same page. You need to find ways to tell each other if it’s getting too intense or uncomfortable. Experts advise that you agree on a specific gesture for when the sub has had enough and wants you to stop or do something else.
An example of said gestures or signals that can be agreed upon is:

  • A repeated movement such as tapping three times on the back of the hand or snapping your fingers could mean “the gag is too tight, please loosen it up” or “slow down.”
  • Signaling with an object in hand such as ringing a bell or any other item to bring attention can mean “this is too uncomfortable, please stop”
  • If you’re trying a ball gag out for the first time, consider allotting a period. You can start with a 10 to 15 minutes time limit. This helps the submissive become accustomed to the feeling of being gagged.
  • Finally, remember there might be a lot of drooling, so you might want to keep a handkerchief close.
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