5 Best Nose Hooks [Buyers Guide]

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If you’re made of vanilla, then you came to the wrong place, honey. Here we get into the shoes of a sex slave for pleasure. If bondage and erotic humiliation makes you uncomfortable, then you’d better leave. Here we present outstanding products that only the hardcore players can handle.

Since you’re still reading, we assume you’re part of the BDSM crew. Well, today we’re on the topic of Nose Hooks – the must-have accessory for your red room.

Nose Hooks are the essential props for a serious and mature BDSM role play. The Dominant puts it on their submissive when the wronged them to humiliate them and increase the pain level. 

Before we jump into the products, let’s clear the fog of Nose Hooks and possible scenarios that can inspire you to plan your next scene.

What is a Nose Hook?

Nose Hook is a BDSM toy that has two blunt hooks at the end of a strap that pulls the nose upwards. Usually, the dominant puts it on the submissive in bondage play for nothing more but an erotic humiliation. The symbol of humiliation in this BDSM play is a pig, and for that reason, the nose hooks pull the face upwards to mirror a pig face. They are easy to attach; first, you hook the nose literally, then when you attach them to a collar, the nose is pulled upwards. 

The Dominant may spank or whip the submissive to give a masochistic pleasure while the submissive wears the nose hooks. On the other hand, the nose hooks fix your submissive’s head to enhance the restrained pleasure. Through this way, the Dominant manifests their control over the submissive and gets the pleasure of humiliating and fulfilling his masochistic pleasures on their subdued partner.

A nose hook may be a regular one that pulls the nose straightly upward or a sideways nose hook. The sideways nose hooks will pull the nostrils sideways, enhancing the resistance. 


Is your submissive acting like a brat? Well, you know that’s not how a good BDSM partner behaves. And what happened to your Dominance, huh? To get your control back, you need these strict leather bondage collars to fix your sub into position.

Attached to a typical leather collar, these nose hooks put them in a head back position. The collar is made of leather that adds on restraining. That controls not just the physical character but a psychological one as well. After all, your sub must obey your orders even through distress!

Key Features:

  • The nose hook is attached to the leather, and firm enough to restrain the submissive from making even slight movements that increase the tension to the fullest
  • The hook fixes the position of their heads and slightly pulls them up.
  • Made of leather that enhances the feeling of real BSDM play.


  • Material: Leather and Metal
  • Product Dimensions ‏ : 17.5 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 5.12 Ounces


  • Leather is a classic BDSM material that guarantees firm pleasure.
  • Super easy to maintain.


  • Not recommended for intermediate users.
  • The leather's too tight, and you'll have to wear it in until you get comfy.

Although we’re speaking about hardcore BDSM players, we have to single those who want to find a way to get in this area. Thus, we present something smoother than leather, and that’s elastic bands nose hooks.

This product is made of eco-friendly materials that offer security and comfort for intermediate BDSM partners. The elastic band is of high-end quality that secures the head upwards, and it has an adjustable feature. The hooks have a blunt end that prevents tearing the nose insides, but still, you must use them with caution. 


It works perfectly with any type of costume you can get for your sub to wear. After all, if you want to get into the BDSM role, you must have these toys in your boudoir as a start. Also, you can get these to spice up the activities behind closed bedroom doors. Nobody admits having these fantasies, but we all know everyone is a different person in that room. So, no judging, feel free to get them. The pack arrives unlabeled in 2 to 3 days for the US citizens.


Key Features:

  • Adjustable elastic bondage with metal nose hooks
  • It gives great head support
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Easy to clean


  • Brand: OP LU
  • Material: Metal and Elastic
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: Adjustable band


  • Convenient for intermediate BDSM players or curious couples
  • Great elastic support to fix the head in position
  • Super affordable


  • Although it comes in black color, it might not be impressive bondage for seniors BDSM couples
  • It doesn't give the strictly fixed position of the head.

Well, this one 2 in 1 sex toy. You have a nose hook attached to a faux leather beaded bondage attached to a collar. In other words, by ordering this product, you get full head bondage equipment for a sexy slave night. If you’re missing such bondage props, don’t wait but order away! 

The nose hooks are made of metal and have a blunt end to offer nose security. All you have to do is place them correctly, and don’t worry if things heat up. If it’s too high or too low, you can always change and adjust the buckle at the end of the belt. The best thing about this product is that it comes with a collar. You won’t have to get additional toys to attach the nose hooks. Also, they are made of faux leather and beaded design to add to the BDSM appeal. It works for every person; only you’d have to think of the other bondage accessories you can add to complete the look of a sex slave. Just add them on with a fancy suit, or naked, and have a fun, naughty night!

Key Features:

  • Fixes both head and neck in a position.
  • Adjustable buckles that fit every person.
  • Offers security during intense play
  • Easy to maintain


  • Brand: SexBaby
  • Material: High-grade leather + chrome-plated metal
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 3.88 oz


  • You get full head equipment.
  • Supper affordable offer
  • Convenient for intermediate and advanced BDSM people


  • Could've been a bit heavier to add on restraint pressure
  • Might not be too comfortable with the leather and buckles.

So, you have the perfect leather head bondage, but you miss the perfect Nose Hook? This one is for you. The steel bondage Nose Hook toy has round edges without balls that perfectly hook the nose upwards. These nose hooks are 100% non-magnate, and the steel is medical that guarantees a clean product for a dirty mind. 

Just put on the bonds or ropes of these hooks, secure them to a collar, or set the mood on a higher dominant level and secure them to their wrists. If you opt for the second choice, first you must tie your slave wrists back, and then attach the head bondage to the wrists. It should follow the big brain and spinal brain course to tickle the nerves of your slave. That will fix their head and body to a position you and your slave find comfortable. 

The pain level depends on how hard you intend to play. It’s best if you don’t go too intense as the hooks are still too dangerous at full speed. Once you’ve checked all these points, have a great night, and thank us later!

Key Features:

  • Rounded Edge Nose Hook Toy
  • BDSM Nose Fetish Hook
  • Medical steel material
  • Applicable to any bondage you have


  • Brand: Hell's Couture
  • Material: 100% Non-Magnate and medical steel
  • Color: Metalic


  • The best hook for an intense night
  • High-end quality product
  • Easy to clean


  • You'll have to buy the head bondages to use it
  • Can be uncomfortable as the hooks go deeper than usual

We saved the hardest for last. This hook nose pack comes with a mouth plug with three breathable holes to buff the sounds your slave produces. The ball is made of silicone, and it’s super easy to clean afterwards. It comes with leather belt-like bondages attached to the nose hooks and the mount ball.

The nose hooks are made of steel, and the bonds are leather. You cannot ditch the mouth plug because they are connected to the collar, and the nose hooks bond. The nose hooks bond has a customizable buckle that you can adjust on your slave head. It’s recommended not to overdo it as the hooks can inflict injuries and cause bleeding in intense play.

Either way, this set will set the dominant mood on a different level, and both partners will have the best BDSM sex. 

Key Features:

  • Gives more control over the submissive
  • The ball plug enhances the restraint level
  • Adjustable buckle to fix the best position


  • Material: Leather and silica gel
  • Brand: JJ Charmant
  • Color: Black


  • Full head restraint for maximal pleasure
  • Easy maintaining product
  • Super affordable


  • Not suitable for intermediate or beginners users
  • The mouth plug might be a problem in combo with the hooks for some players


Nose Hooks are an essential part when it comes to Dominant roleplay. The message Nose Hooks send is to dehumanise and embarrass the submissive in a consensual humiliation play. Also, it’s used to create uneasiness during foreplay to enhance S&M.

When it comes to enhancing the play, you can use ropes and fix the dominant in place until they redeem from the mistakes. Other combos you can make that apply to the Nose Hooks are leather whipping gears that visually satisfy the esthetics. 

Always use the Nose Hooks with caution. Some of the products we’ve reviewed have outstanding performances that can entice you, but if you overstep your boundaries, you can severely hurt the submissive. Also, make sure you don’t stick them in the nose too hard and far up because it may hurt your partner severely.


Nose Hooks can be metal, rustless steel, or medical steel. Some of the products we’ve covered were made of these materials. Medical steel, as you can suppose, is one of the best options for the longevity of the product, then rustless steel and metal. Metal is prone to rusting quicker than other materials and, for that reason is way more affordable. If you want to use the nose hooks only a couple of times, the metal hooks will work just fine. However, if you want to get the nose hooks for the long run, then the other options are a better choice.

Maintaining the Products

The Nose Hooks, just like any other sex toy must be clean before and after use. Nose Hooks are simple for cleaning as all you need to do, is rub them with alcohol to sterilize the hooks. If you don’t have alcohol at home, you can soak them in hot water and rub them for 10 minutes. Afterwards, you’ll have to pat them dry. 

You must keep the nose hooks in a box away from light or humidity. Hence, avoid storing them in your bathroom where there’s steam because they will rust. The best storing tip is to wrap them around soft tissue and put them in a box.

Attachment Bonds

Nose Hooks must be attached to collar bonds or cuffs. Most of the products we’ve reviewed come with full head bonds, but some of them missed the collar bond and the essential hooks bond. Hence, if you don’t have any attachments, you can DIY some. There are special devices for nose hooks and collars you can get online for a fair price.

Hook Nose FAQ

Are Nose Hooks Safe?

Yes, they are safe, but they must be used with caution. If placed incorrectly, they might hurt the user severely. To avoid injury and prematurely end your fun, you can check how to put nose hooks correctly on YouTube.

How to Wear the Nose Hooks?

The nose hooks usually go with bondage, so they pull the head upwards by the nose. The bondage can be attached to a collar or a to the wrists. To enhance the feeling, you can wear them with a blindfold or a bondage hood. Your submissive will be on their toes for the next move. 

What Is the Point of a Nose Hook in BDSM?

Nose Hooks in BDSM symbolize consensual humiliation. The Dominant can punish his sub for breaking the rule and bond her with the nose hook.

How to Clean Nose Hooks?

You must sterilize the nose hooks after each use. Thus, you can use an antibacterial gel or rub them with alcohol. Soaking them in boiling water will also kill the nose bacteria. 


If you’re ready to become a sex slave, you should be ready for Nose Hooks. Although at first, they feel uncomfortable, once you relax, they give the best-restrained pleasure you can imagine. Hence, the faster you get more comfortable, the better.

To spice up the mood, besides the ropes or other body bonds, you can blindfold your slave and use other spanking paddles you have. That way, your slave will be in constant anticipation, and the whipping will increase the restrained pleasure.

Always be cautious, and don’t exaggerate because the nose hooks are meant to please not hurt. So, now that you know it all, get your hands on a nose hook, and have the craziest experience in your bedroom so far.


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