5 Best Liberator Esse Chairs [Buyer Guide]

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When we imagine a steamy sex scene with someone who titillates our senses, most of us would usually picture the setting in a bed. If you’re among the ones who love to play with fire, maybe you have several experiences al fresco, in the car, or at a sex party on your intimate resume – but nothing can beat the comfort of a bedroom.

With that being said, the same old bed shape can get boring, especially for those willing to experiment. Don’t worry; the sex industry has a special department that covers your combined desire for comfort, discretion, and excitement – sex furniture!

Chairs, chaise lounges, wedges, cushions, you name it – all these regular furnishings come in a special edition that can spice up your sexual life. And if you think such bells and whistles for your bedroom are just an extravagant investment, we’re here to show you the best selection of the sex furniture world and change your mind.

Seduction starts with Liberator Esse. It is the ultimate in orgasm, perfection in positioning, a luxury chaise with killer curves, and severe style. It arouses desires and, when paired with a Mini Scoop, provides tremendous opportunities for exploration.

Stretch out, straddle, or only have a chair because this particular shape is both comfortable and versatile. Your head, neck, and spine are cradled in just about any sexual position, while your body is entirely supported for a lot of thrusting. By day, this hot piece doubles as an ordinary chaise sofa – Change covers to get a whole new look!

Compared to the original Esse chair, this product has altered dimensions and specifications that enhance accessibility during sex. The Esse Chaise has a longer, thinner body and reduced elevation enabling greater freedom of movement as you go in and from your beloved Kama Sutra positions.

Offered in a range of faux leathers that match every room, this elegant piece of sex furniture creates a beautiful addition to any bedroom package. It doubles as a cozy lounge that’s excellent for massages also.

A headrest is included for adding extra height or raising knees for positions including standing or bending over. Besides, it improves the support of your body and turns lovemaking into a more comfortable experience overall.

For the price of $550, you get an excellent piece of sex furniture that will spice up your intimate life and act as a perfect addition to your interior aesthetics.


Key Features:

  • High-density foam for firm
  • Supportive cushioning
  • Lush cover, and moisture-proof inner nylon liner
  • One headrest included
  • Upgraded design for more flexibility


  • Brand: Liberator
  • Color: Charcoal, Black, Claret
  • Material: Faux Leather, Foam
  • Dimensions: 68 x 22 x 22 inches; 33 Pounds


  • Improves your freedom of movement in a lot of sex positions
  • Doubles as a regular, modern piece of furniture


  • Faux leather can be vulnerable to tearing or puncture and isn’t hypo-allergenic

The Liberator Esse is a placement help in the beck and call. Settle back and relax on your new announcement piece that your friends will be envious of. The added headrest and Mini-Scoop provide additional aid, comfort, and flexibility. You can use the headrest for adding extra height in standing positions or raising up your knees.

The Sensual Lounge Chair will spice up your sex life by providing you with comfort and endless possibilities for experimenting with new positions. Priced at $600, as an addition to the dynamics it can enhance in your bedroom, this lounge chair is also discreet and perfect for minimalistic apartments

Key Features:

  • High-density foam for supportive cushioning
  • Removable and machine-washable lush cover
  • Moisture-proof inner nylon liner
  • Includes headrest for raising up knees and extra height


  • Brand: Liberator
  • Color: Midnight, Espresso, Champagne, Plum, Merlot
  • Material: Polyester, Polyurethane, Velvish
  • Dimensions: 64 x 24 x 24 inches, 36 pounds


  • Ergonomic design
  • Allows you to experiment with many new positions
  • Sleek and discreet addition to your interior


  • May be too expensive for some buyers

The Liberator Esse Chaise turns sexual furniture into a slick, stylish addition to your house. As a statement bit, it impresses your buddies and doubles as a beautiful, practical chaise couch. As a placement aid, it’ll alter your life.

Provides complete body care and leverage together with many different positions possible by extending out, straddling, or sitting beneath.

The added headrest gives additional comfort and support since it helps increase knees up or add extra height for standing/bending-over positions. Apart from giving you flexibility and accessibility for anal sex and doggy style, this multifunctional beauty is also perfect for people with orthopedic concerns such as back pain.

Made from high-density foam for company supportive cushioning, lush velvet protect and moisture-proof inner nylon lining, this classy-looking chaise is a solid choice for adding something new in your intimate life.

Priced at $440, the Liberator Esse Chaise in Velvish can appeal to different tastes and preferences.

Key Features:

  • High-density foam for firm
  • Supportive cushioning,
  • Lush removable and machine-washable microfiber cover
  • Moisture-proof inner nylon liner
  • Including headrest and Mini-Scoop
  • Covered in soft velvet material


  • Brand: Liberator
  • Material : High-density foam, microfiber, nylon
  • Color: Aubergine, Black, Buckwheat, Espresso, Merlot
  • Dimensions: 67 x 22 x 22 inches; 38 Pounds


  • Perfect for support and extra comfort
  • Reasonable price
  • Doubles as a contemporary lounge useful for people with back pain
  • Available in a variety of pretty colors


  • May be too simple for the more adventurous

With the Black Label Esse, Liberator’s manufacturers deliver the peak of their potential in sex furniture. There are no limits to the possibilities brought to you with this chaise – whether you are into a slow, sensual sex session or you’re in for some rough BDSM play. 

Alongside the chaise, you get a headrest for adding extra height or raising up your knees and a Mini-Scoop that flattens the centre part. And, of course, here comes the spiciest part – you get 24 connector points attached to the chaise and a kit including a blindfold, tethers, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and thigh cuffs for restraint. 

Priced at $635, buyers with different preferences can make their wildest dreams come true on this dynamic sex chaise.

Key Features:

  • High-density foam cushioning
  • Removable and machine-washable microfiber cover
  • Moisture-proof inner nylon liner
  • Headrest and Mini Scoop for flexibility in sex positions
  • Bondage kit for extra pleasure


  • Brand: Liberator
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 64 x 24 x 24 inches; 39 pounds
  • Material: Microfiber


  • Ergonomic design
  • High-quality materials
  • Suitable for bondage play


  • May be too expensive for some buyers

If you love the simple things in (sex) life, this Kama Sutra chair may be the right Liberator product for your apartment. An ergonomic arc that follows the human body’s natural shape gives you the freedom of movement in changing positions during sex.

As an elegant, discreet piece of furniture, it is a great addition to your interior aesthetics, and you can also use it for relaxing, reading, or doing yoga.

Key Features:

  • High-density foam construction
  • Lush machine-washable cover
  • Moisture-proof polyester lining
  • Shape that emulates natural body curvature for support and flexibility


  • Brand: Liberator
  • Color: Black, Claret
  • Material: Faux Leather Microfiber
  • Dimensions: ‎68 x 22 x 22 inches; 24 pounds


  • Ergonomic design
  • Elegant and discreet appearance
  • Economic price


  • Too plain and simple for users who want to experiment


Going through Liberator’s attractive items must have sparked your interest in having your own classy, discreet, and comfortable place for your next lovemaking session. However, there are several points to get familiar with before purchasing the right product for you. 

If you are relatively new to the wondrous world of sex toys and equipment, you may have many questions about sex furniture products. We took our time to resolve your most common dilemmas as a potential owner of one of these beauties mentioned on our list.

Stay with us to dive deeper into the topic and let Liberator’s experts guide you into a new dimension of mind-blowing orgasms.

What is sex furniture?

Sex furniture, also called intimate or erotic furniture, covers a variety of items designed to give you the ultimate comfort and support mixed with a touch of sensuality for an unforgettable lovemaking experience. 

The modern sex industry offers more than you can imagine – an assortment varying from sex chairs, chaises, lounges, swings, supporting wedges, love cushions to dungeon furniture for kinksters who want an addition for their BDSM pleasure room. 

What are the benefits of sex furniture?

Sex furniture is so much more than merely a location for your sex scene – it can give a whole new perspective to your intimate life and your performance as a lover. 

Depending on your preferences, you can choose pieces of intimate furniture that serve different purposes to enhance your and your partner’s sexual pleasure. 

Erotic furniture can mainly be divided into two vast categories: positioning tools and bondage props. While bondage props are designed specifically for allowing additional pleasure through kinky activities such as restraining or bending your partner down, positioning tools are here to support comfort and flexibility during sex.

A quality sex chaise or lounge will prevent discomfort in your neck, support your joints and limbs, and ease the pressure of lifting your partner up. Together with comfort comes the opportunity to spice things up by trying out new movements and positions with your partner.

Who is sex furniture designed for?

Inclusivity and body positivity are among the primary goals of the modern sex toy industry, and this goes for the sex furniture market as well. 

Regardless of your gender identity or sexuality, anyone can find extra pleasure in a steamy session on one of the exclusive chairs brought to you by Liberator.

Manufacturers aim to improve a vital aspect of sex life with these products – accessibility. Sexuality comes in all shapes and sizes, and everyone deserves a comfortable, orgasmic experience with their partner. Therefore, sex furniture is designed to provide support for people of any weight and disabled individuals as well.

If you want to enrich your apartment with a discreet and inconspicuous chaise or lounge that doubles as an ordinary piece of furniture in visitors’ eyes, you won’t regret purchasing a piece of sex furniture.

How to choose the piece of sex furniture I need?

Before choosing a specific product to add to your shopping cart, you need to consider a few characteristics to find a piece of sex furniture that caters to your needs. 

First of all, of course, you should check the dimensions of the products you consider buying. Length, width, weight – all the information is available on reliable marketplaces like Amazon or Lovehoney. You might want to choose a lighter item that you can break down and move more easily.

The next important specification is the fabric involved in the product’s manufacturing. Your perfect sex chaise or lounge should be made of materials that have a smooth and sensual touch against your naked body, but most importantly – materials that are safe and healthy for your skin. Manufacturers usually use nylon, microfiber, sometimes faux leather, and velvet. 

Last but not least, you can choose a sex furniture item for an affordable price according to your budget.

What makes Liberator special?

Liberator is one of the leading brands for bedroom sex equipment. Their groundbreaking collections of erotic furniture and accessories are famous on the market for their unique design, highest quality standards, and first-rate performance that has left loads of customers satisfied.

Liberator’s sex furniture aims to make sex a fantastic experience regardless of users’ age, size, body type, or physical limitations. With their ergonomic design and high-density foam employed in manufacturing, Liberator’s sex chaises and loungers follow your natural body shape and take the pressure off your joints – so all you have to do is focus on the pleasure.

This company takes pride in its passionate craftsmanship, sustainable packaging, and absolute discretion during delivery.

What do the Liberator chaises and lounges feel like? 

The microfiber fabric that Liberator uses for their sex furniture products has an amazing, soft, and smooth feeling against bare skin. Their design is also stable and sturdy so that you can forget about awkward incidents in the bedroom – these chairs won’t let you slip.

Does Liberator work on another surface?

Liberator sex furniture pieces are designed to work on any surface, especially on a memory foam mattress. 


Sex furniture is a unique and wide concept that will turn your bedroom into a place for dreamlike, passionate scenes akin to those you can see in your favorite adult movies.

In the above article, we help you to discover the best Liberator Esse, which can be found on the market right now. Each one is appropriate for a different purpose to please anyone that wishes to try out something exciting and new.

Personally, my girly, luxury-loving side would recommend the Liberator Esse Chaise in Velvish for its aesthetic appeal and comfort it provides, while my wild side suggests that the Esse Black Label with Cuff Kit is definitely the product you don’t want to miss out on.

Liberator is an acclaimed name on the intimate furniture market that guarantees quality, so don’t hesitate to purchase an item of their collection – yours and your partner’s senses will be grateful.

We review the products we think are best in the category. By purchasing a product through an affiliate link, we may earn a small commission that helps keep the site running. Learn about our product selection process here.


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