7 Best Sex Positions With Vibrators – Must Try

Using a vibrator is a fantastic way to get more orgasms during partnered sex. It may take just a bit of time to find out the logistics of having in a sex toy into the bedroom. You need to consider places and body components in a somewhat new way. But do not let this deter you. The benefits are well worth the additional work! Here are 7 great positions for using a vibrator with your spouse!

7 Best Sex Positions With Vibrators

1. Doggy Style

doggy style

Butt plug vibrators along with the Doggy Style sex place are a match made in paradise. The plug is likely to make your vagina feel much tighter, stirring the penis supporting the G-spot, delivering both of you over the edge using a sharp buzz.

2. Side Wind

Side Wind

This sex position leaves your hands free and your clitoris available for tease. Arm up using a lively multi-speed finger vibrator – it is like researching your lover’s body with your bare digits, but using an orgasmic superpower within them.

3. Spoon Position

Spoon Position

Less attempt and much more closeness is the essence of spooning – that is the reason why most powerful vibrator of is the ideal match for this particular sex situation. Using a strong massage wand vibrator available, you may add an excess layer of extreme pleasure.

4. Cowgirl

Cowgirl Position

Take control of your climaxes in this enabling sex situation, and remember a vibrator. This moment, place it into the dual erogenous zone. Nipples are super receptive to vibration, lighting nibbling and sucking on – all of which these suckers supply to get a sparkling nipplegasm.

5. Quickie From Behind

Quickie From Behind

With no buzz-up of this vibrator, sex positions made for quickies won’t bear fruit – ahem – climaxes. Quickies are simply not equipped to get a grand finale – but wait patiently. This small trifle – and – ergonomic clitoral stimulator – is the golden ticket which can make every hasty sex complete with a yummy O.

6. Lotus

Lotus Sex Position

Should you enjoy sitting sex places, a tiny vibrator in the form of a ring are the A-list choice. It’s super easy – moving over his penis, pumping her clit using a revved-up clitoral attachment, even taking you both to the climax edge while leaving your hands free to roam.

7. Oral Sex Prop

Oral Sex Prop

As I mentioned, you can imagine dildos as bedroom props. When employing a dildo collectively, among the most important techniques to utilize it’s through oral sex. Adding penetration into oral sex ensures you are providing the gift of double stimulation. Your spouse will probably be begging for ways to thank you


These sexual tips for married couples and other lovers ought to be sufficient to stir the pot. Soon you will find for yourselves the magic of sexual toys. They have a means of awakening a dormant sex life. As soon as your sex life is resuscitated, sex toys continue to stoke your fire. And everybody loves it sexy.

If this article can help you know your relationship with your sex toy somewhat better, go right ahead and share the knowledge with other people. And tell us if we missed some sexual positions that are excellent for couples as well as their sex toy vibrator.

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